Saturday, November 21, 2009

Open Letter to Charlie Christ


I was sitting in front of the computer when I had a revelation, a way for you to show the people of Florida that you are indeed the man we should send to Washington, D.C..

You have said in your ads for Senator that you will take on the Administration. Sir, I challenge you. Why wait until you are in Washington to take up our concerns with them. You are the elected head of a state government.

Nationally people have been organizing and demonstrating against what we see as massive government takeover. We have had no say in Health Care, the Cash for Clunkers program, the takeover of our banks, wage setting for private institutions, a 12,000,000,000 dollar national debt and the rise of a union leader so powerful that he is questioned by our President prior to his decision making. Really he will listen to one man when he will not listen to thousands of us calling out for him to stop.

There is another layer between the Federal Government and the people. A layer that is silent. Governor that layer is you and our State Elected Officials. You must lend your voice to ours, to stop these massive Federal programs. If not, then to me silence equals assent.

Which brings me to you. Nancy Pe:)i. She has declared us Astro-turf (i.e. we are not of any importance), brown shirts, Nazis, out of touch, misinformed, she fears us because she has apparently seen us before(i.e. Harvey Milk). You get the idea, we who object are a mob, which we're not.

We are ignored and belittled, at all levels including the Third Estate. At all levels our concerns have been ignored and ridiculed. This leads me to ask you, Sir.

Why are you waiting to set Washington right? This shouldn't wait until election day, our State's rights are being trampled as well as on all of Florida's elected officials. No one appears to be protecting us. The electorate in Florida is aware that no one is representing us. No one at the State level is challenging the legality of what the Federal Government has absorbed. You all are avoiding a confrontation with the Federal takeover.

Governor, use the time between now and election day to show us what you can do. Use our state and our State and Local Government Elected Officials to take on and make our Federal Government live by the restrictions placed on it by the Constitution.

Yes, this is dramatic, and carries some risk, but it will help you win election, we will see your strength and integrity of purpose. Use the state's Attorney General to explore ways to extract Florida from Federal imposition. and ways to challenge them in Court.

Protect our State Rights, become a wave of the future, ask other Governors and State Governments to join you. Use a Presidential technique, Call other Elected Officials from across the Country. Invite them to Florida and conduct focus groups on the issue of State vs. Federal rights under the Constitution.

Another layer of protest is needed, no one is listening to us. Protect the Constitution do not desert State's Rights because if you lose them for us, they will never come back.

Thank you.

cc: Rubio

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Brave New World

I have a headache. I've been buried in flip chart sheets for the past few days. Our focus group met for fifteen minutes the other day. Over Martinis, Vodka and/or gin, based on preference(always have refreshments available). We decided as a group, to change the world. We've never actually done this before, since we are basically theorists.

You know book smart. Of course other Utopians have written about how this can be done. Some are thinking authors like our Founding Fathers planning for our best interests as identified in our Constitution. While more autocratic authors write to control populations like Mao, Che, Stalin, Robespierre, Lenin, Pol Pot an Ayatollah or two, Alinsky, Oh I could go on but I think you get my drift.

Anyway we sat down to assess how best to make change. I wrote the date at the top of the first sheet on the flip chart to memorialize the founding statements of our brave new world. We could change the world. Like the wise people we are, we could remove ourselves from the present and focus on our past experiences. We could navigate through our subconscious and attain a higher state, a state beyond the reach of mere mortals.

Since by practice a focus group is usually facilitated by a Community Developer to guide the conversation, we discussed who should lead us. One minute later I was surprised when the group selected me to fill this exalted position. They said I looked good and spoke well. We began, I asked, "OK how do we go about doing this." (Developers are trained to ask open ended questions). One person said "Take over the private sector." I asked "What do you mean by that?" (Another open ended question.)

"Simple," this person, said "Nationalize anything that produces income, you know start with private banks, look how much they make and can you believe what they pay their executives. These people receive huge annual bonuses based on risky investments, bad people, shame. These dollars should go to the Govt.instead.

Next go after the auto industry, remove the private investors from the mix, investors must make a lot of money they can afford to lose some of it. Then turn the industry over to the unions and print money to throw at them. The unions will make money and in return they can pour their new money into their political favorites reelection funds. That means us." I wrote this down.

Another participant said, "Nationalize The Health Insurance industry, don't kill it outright, just nick it. Can you imagine all those monthly insurance payments flowing into the treasury. Premium and tax money coming from every man, woman, and child in this new and better world. Why we'd have money out the wazoo. Then to keep the money for new programs, streamline access to health care. That way you can reduce outflow from the treasury."

"OK," I said, "That does sound like it would generate much needed income for the State. What else could we do?" A young woman raised her hand, "Nationalize the Student Loan Program remove it from the private sector, let the students make their monthly payments for education to the US Treasury." I wrote this down.

One person asked, "But with all the watchdogs in place how can we do all this?" Someone else said, "Easy, control the Internet, we can filter content and identify people who need correcting, that way we can pass along the true facts." Another said, "Shut down private radio stations, Isn't Chavez doing that right now? We could use his tactics here, they seem to be working in Venezuela." "Why yes they do!" I said and wrote this down on our flip chart and taped the page to the wall.

Someone from the back of the room said, "What about newspapers." Another said Nationalize them, they are losing money because people are canceling their subscription. That way we can keep them from failing like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac putting us in the position to control content more efficiently." "What else?" I asked.

A wizened man in the front row, who had been very quiet, said, "Demonize anyone who opposes our plans. Call them Brown Shirts, Nazis, angry mobs who don't have the facts. When they gather in the thousands, tell them their homemade signs are offensive. Let loose our major leaders to condemn and ridicule them at Town Halls. Then go and do whatever we want. After all what can they do, if we move fast enough it will be too late to stop us."

I wrote this down and said, "We have a plan."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Government 2009 What is Happening

I don't know what I am going to say. I am free streaming right now, electrical nodes flash across my brain. It is late but I feel the need to say what has troubled me during the day. I have a need to say what and who I am. I am a man who stepped out to help. I am a conservative as if that is important(the what. I am also Human,(the who). I always tried to assist organizations, when the flags of funding were raised, that was my signal. I went out to speak to those who could provide service for the target populations. I brought groups together and I asked the questions that related to the available grants and the organizations desire to be funded to fit the funding source.
On the side, and with my employers permission I marched with the feminists and their bare breasts(God Love them) in front of the White House. These women are true heroes. I marched to show that we were the people who supported the government, and yet wanted change. I was one of the people who sincerely believed. I helped build Resurrection City on the Washington Mall during rainy weather on the Capitol Mall, in the mud, with snipers on the buildings behind us. I felt the rain and I believed, this was what I had to do. However, I was discouraged when I saw four feet(toe to heel)behind several pieces of plastic sheltering the opening of the plywood. Feet that extending beyond their plastic shields that we had built. I was cold and wet and needed coffee. I entered the main tent and I saw dry people out of the rain, on bleachers singing slogans in front of the cameras I knew then that the media filmed and reported what America should see. The slogans not what I was doing, in the rain, what I was doing was less important than what the camera saw and reported to the American Public. The one who pounded nails, committed themselves was not important but the person who stood in front of the cameras carried more important messages than those who tried to secured the future by muscle, sacrifice and work for others. During the next few days I will put to you, how I interpret tomorrow. I do not know those who choose to read, or the other sensations of a man who has been through the struggle for rights. I am a Community Developer II, our president may have been higher on the pay scale, but I too know the dynamics. I am not important as a person, but when has that been important. It is always the reader, the one who expresses their position, the one who carries the argument. Those are the ones who decide. I listen if you have comments. I will try to answer, I am a Community Developer. But, I am also going to ask some questions and then I want you to break down into small groups with a pad of paper and black markers and tell me what you want..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Read Your MS

It has again been a while since I last wrote anything on my blog. It isn't for a lack of things to say, but merely the reality that I keep forgetting how to get into the blog to write. Thanks to my sister for creating a counter on Thursday for me as of today I've had 32 hits since then. Now that could be one person 32 times or two people 16 times so on and so on...But thanks if you are the one person or two people, thank you for taking the time to check.

I have been kept busy writing. I'm continuing to edit my Vampire story and have noticed that I never described my main character, Agnes(shocking). So I think that I may have added a little more flesh to her bones(so to speak).

Rewriting has given me an opportunity to flesh out other characters and situations as well. While writing my MS I have reread or read my story to the group for critique. I listen for the cadence. By reading aloud you can hear the spoken word but you may lose or not recognize flaws in content. You can so lost in the flow of words that you can't see or hear opportunities to simplify complex language structure or situations in which your characters may find themselves. That is why reading from the written page by the author is so important. If you don't become bored, as I've become at times, you may catch your weaknesses.

I should do as I say, of course my yellow pen has only traveled 100 pages in my MS so far. But at the end of the day when I'm finished(I usually write or rewrite for three to five hours, or more if I'm in the mood. I am then ready to put my characters to bed for the night.

I'd like to say hello to Laura and David. They were two very vocal members of our writing groups and they are sorely missed. Florida's loss is Texas' gain. It would be nice though if they could have remained with us.

My bedside table now has two new books on it. I finished Drood by Dan Simmons. It is a tremendous story and very absorbing. It describes the relationship between two authors in the mid 19th century. Good story, believable characters and a lot of twists, turns and surprises.

I am now reading a book published in 1997, Drums of Autumn written by Diana Gabaldon. I have thoroughly enjoyed her stories regarding regarding the trials and tribulations of Claire and Jamie Fraser.

The second book is Assegai by Wilbur Smith published May, 2009, set in 1913 per World War Africa. I am looking forward to starting this, I'm familiar with and enjoyed other books by Mr. Smith.

Well I am going to close for now. I think I'll return to this blog in a few days. Thanks everyone.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Wedding in Paradise

Well it seems that I have been properly chastened. The other night at the writers Group I attend in Groveland, Florida, I was asked why I hadn't posted anything lately. I was shocked that people were interested or still looking at what I write. I have been trying since last Tuesday to figure out how to access my blog in order to write something. Today I succeeded, so here I go.

I want to congratulate and wish the very best for two very dear friends L and D on their upcoming marriage. L You will be a beautiful bride and D you're a lucky groom. I hope the future showers many blessing on you both. By the way, enjoy the Ugiehers (sp). If they show up take a picture with them for me. They should be the ones with the beards and the Obama Button on their lapel.

Since I last updated The Pencil Pusher, I've been busy writing about my character Henry. He is a serial killer and a lot of fun to work with. The book is going slowly but I am pleased that the poor psychopath, now has a romantic rival interested in the woman he has been focused on.

However, I think my Vampire manuscript is in trouble. If you remember, that's the one I sent off to the Agent before I'd read it. I have been editing it but I keep falling asleep. I'm not talking about nodding off for a few minutes, I mean I've fallen asleep for two hours at a time. Will it never end? Thankfully, I've only 385 pages to finish the first reading.

I'd like to mention the three books on my night table. I'm reading Postmortem: Establishing the Cause of Death by Dr. Steven Koehler and Dr. Cyril Wecht. This is a good resource for writers who are interested in the nuts and bolts of how different ways of killing or accidental death affect the body.

On a lighter note I'm reading Drood by Dan Simmons. According to the author Drood is the name of the nightmare that obsesses Charles Dickens during the last five years of his life. I did say lighter didn't I? I think I missed the mark. But I'm enjoying it very much.

I am also reading People of the Thunder by husband and wife team W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O' Neal Gear. Two people I would love to have dinner and drinks with. Their books are heavily researched. The pair are archeologists(among other things) and their novels describe the lives of various paleolithic and archaic native American tribes .

The last is The Wheel of Darkness by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs. They are another team of writers that Id like to spend time with. I think I've read this one before but I will read it again. Their plot lines and twists and sense of dread are wonderful and exciting even the second time around.

Thank you to those who have slugged their way to this point. Please let me know what you are reading or working on, leave a message.

Advice for the day: If you are being bothered by someones unkindness, always remember the person or persons who are the most unhappy and insecure in their own life deflect their inner self disgust by being cruel to the person that means the most to them, try not to add fire to their anger. It only makes them more unpleasant.

Signing off until next time, Bob

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rejection by E-mail

Well I'm back, fire ant scars and all. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their friends and families. I was fortunate enough to be able to share mine with long time friends from Maryland and Orlando. The meal was fantastic. Lamb, ham and all the other goodies. Thanks Andrea.

Met a fabulous singer there who is appearing at Beluga's jam sessions in Winter Park. She has a great throaty voice, wonderful mezzo, and sings blues and jazz. Her name is Miss Jacqueline Jones check her out you won't be disappointed.

I have had the most wonderful experience for a writer. Last week I received my first rejection e-mail from an agent I had submitted my work to. The reason why I believe it was a good experience for me is that it forced me to take a closer look at the manuscript I'd sent. She was very kind in her note and I thank her for that. It is unfortunate that I wasted a great opportunity by sending an MS that wasn't ready.

I would like to focus on some of the things I discovered. I am a type A personality. You know who we are. The person, who is cocky, sure of themselves and often pushy. The type of person who never doubts for a moment that they will succeed at whatever they put their hand to.

I sat down the other day in a very comfortable chair with my yellow pen. Opening the MS I began. Reading the page, my finger moving along each line, my mouth sounding out the words for my ear. I was horrified by what I saw. The language was so flowery at times I thought I needed a vase. Then I began cutting out things. First the flowery phrases had to go. I then turned to redundant phrases. How many ways are there to say the sky was beautiful or someone is upset.

According to my manuscript many, many ways. I covered thirty pages that afternoon and whittled it down to fifteen pages. No wonder it was rejected. I had duplicated people, events and explained relationships and characters reactions over and over again.

I though that my work product was the number of words I produced or how many hours I sat at the computer, but I've learned something I'd forgotten. The main reason I write is because I not only love the work but also because I want to send out a wonderful story. So I will continue to read and strike out phrases and rewrite until I truly feel it is ready for the readers who will open the cover in anticipation of a good story.

Perhaps I will devote the next blog to one of my short stories. Let me know if you would like to read something I've written. But for now I am going to have a drink. It's been a long day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Senior Moments and Fire Ants

I've had an interesting weekend. I visited with my sister om Sunday. She returns to North Carolina on Tuesday. They've bought a place in Lady Lake so I know they will be down more often.

I planted my Pineapple plants on Saturday night. My feet and hands are covered with fire ant bites. It seems they like Pineapples too. That and I stood on top of their nest to dig the hole for the plants. My feet and toes swelled up. nasty creatures.

Have been working on the butcher. He has run over a courier on a bicycle by accident. The courier had discovered one of his victims earlier so he is coming full circle. I was given a great book on forensics by a good friend. Postmortem, Establishing the Cause of Death by Dr. Steven Koehler and Dr. Cyril Wecht. The pictures make you dizzy but the narrative spells out step by step the process of identification and who is involved at what stage. Very interesting.

I've finished reading Hannibel Rising and am now reading Whiteout by Ken Follett. Hannibel was rather gruesome but not as graphic as the films. Whiteout seemed somewhat familiar when I started and sure enough half way through I came across a line that confirmed my suspicions. I have read it is a problem when you have extended senior momenst but even those moments don't stay with me for very long.

Well I'm off to soak my feet. I'll be back later.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Thanks to Donna K., I'm back! Last Thursday, a friend of mine lost her husband after 51 years together. I went to his memorial service yesterday. It was impressive and amazing. During the service, I not only thought of my friend and her husband, but also back to those I too have lost over the years. It was very moving. I would like to think that when I remembered those I've lost, they came forward to welcome her husband.

During the service Taps was played on a bugle after a 21 gun salute. I've heard this done in the movies but never in a service before. It was very moving. Our Writing Group members were there to support our friend and her family. Our group is very close. I have seen posts for other groups describing how close they are. It seems that our closeness follows true. The concept of sharing our work exposes each of us to the others on a deeper level. I think all writers old hands or new should be part of a writing group. The pencil is good to us but sharing is good for us too. Writers are funny people. Put them all together in one room and watch. You will see levels of trust, respect and protectiveness develop among the members faster than you will with a room full of Community Developers.

I would like to thank those of you who saw this blog and left comments. Read their comments. I enjoyed them and they're true. Involve the reader, don't complicate the world, be real and balance the info between detail dialogue and setting.

I have finished two books Byzantium and Voyage of 1896. Enjoyed them and am now on Hannibal Rising, about Hannibal Lechter's childhood. Seems he had a split brain.

I have been working on some of my own things. I received a rejection from an agency. It was thrilling. They told me the work had merit and should be submitted elsewhere. I am reading it again before I submit to someone else.

It is about Vampires set in 16th century Cuba. Involves a conflict between two brothers and their sister. The sister forced into a convent, arouses the love of a vampire who turns her and ruins his coven.

I am also working on a serial killer piece set in modern day Florida. He is a paranoid schizophrenic desperate to find company. No I have not modeled the character after myself. I am not mentally challenged. I have a piece of paper that says so. I think it's still in the bureau, Oh. Oh, I think I see people outside my window.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Sleepless Night

Thanks to my sister Martha, her husband Don, my friends Donna, K.and Ryland Y. and Ron R., I have spent a very difficult night. With their help I now have a blog. But what am I going to do with it?"

I think everyone has had this experience at one time or another. It was one of those sleep periods when you toss and turn and have to keep reaching for your note pad and pencil to record ideas flooding your consciousness. Ideas that will be a vague memory in the morning.

With the light of day you scan the sheets of paper. What you find is the ideas may have seemed better in the darkness or their rationale has been lost because your penmanship is so bad you can't make out the scribbles(you were too lazy to put your glasses on).

So what did I come up with you might ask. I thought it might be fun to do a section on "My Bedside Table" and list books I am reading. Currently the three are: Voyage, a Novel of 1896, by Sterling Hayden, Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris author of Silence of the Lambs, The Husband by Dean Koontz. What are you reading?

Other thoughts captured last night before sleep, from the mind of a Community Developer were, Yes, there are more of us than the President. The ideas were:

As an individual looking at a shelf of books, what is it about a particular book that makes you want to take a second look?

While reading a book what is it about the book that makes it sing for you?

Besides insomnia, what is it about a book that makes you stay up all night reading?

After obtaining a book, what makes you close the cover never to open it again?

These questions are usually answered by saying, plot, action, character development, theme, cohesiveness or insomnia. These answers while true do not represent the whole, I believe thinking about these questions a deeper reason will emerge that is a clearer understanding of what makes books work. Any thoughts?

I'm going to sleep on these questions and perhaps in the morning I will have a sheet of paper filled with answers.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pencil Pusher

A long time friend has come down from Washington D.C. to Florida and we have worked on a Face Book site and created this blog. I am a new fiction writer and hope to share my writing experiences for and about writers and those who are interested in writing but haven't tried.

I facilitate a bi-monthly Writer's Group and love the interaction. I have found that sharing experiences about writing helps the writer to grow. This is possibly because writing is such a lonely business. Just you and your pencil or computer.

I would like to thank my friends for encouraging me to work harder and spread my fingers into the world of electronic messaging. I look forward to hearing for others. Thank you.