Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Government 2009 What is Happening

I don't know what I am going to say. I am free streaming right now, electrical nodes flash across my brain. It is late but I feel the need to say what has troubled me during the day. I have a need to say what and who I am. I am a man who stepped out to help. I am a conservative as if that is important(the what. I am also Human,(the who). I always tried to assist organizations, when the flags of funding were raised, that was my signal. I went out to speak to those who could provide service for the target populations. I brought groups together and I asked the questions that related to the available grants and the organizations desire to be funded to fit the funding source.
On the side, and with my employers permission I marched with the feminists and their bare breasts(God Love them) in front of the White House. These women are true heroes. I marched to show that we were the people who supported the government, and yet wanted change. I was one of the people who sincerely believed. I helped build Resurrection City on the Washington Mall during rainy weather on the Capitol Mall, in the mud, with snipers on the buildings behind us. I felt the rain and I believed, this was what I had to do. However, I was discouraged when I saw four feet(toe to heel)behind several pieces of plastic sheltering the opening of the plywood. Feet that extending beyond their plastic shields that we had built. I was cold and wet and needed coffee. I entered the main tent and I saw dry people out of the rain, on bleachers singing slogans in front of the cameras I knew then that the media filmed and reported what America should see. The slogans not what I was doing, in the rain, what I was doing was less important than what the camera saw and reported to the American Public. The one who pounded nails, committed themselves was not important but the person who stood in front of the cameras carried more important messages than those who tried to secured the future by muscle, sacrifice and work for others. During the next few days I will put to you, how I interpret tomorrow. I do not know those who choose to read, or the other sensations of a man who has been through the struggle for rights. I am a Community Developer II, our president may have been higher on the pay scale, but I too know the dynamics. I am not important as a person, but when has that been important. It is always the reader, the one who expresses their position, the one who carries the argument. Those are the ones who decide. I listen if you have comments. I will try to answer, I am a Community Developer. But, I am also going to ask some questions and then I want you to break down into small groups with a pad of paper and black markers and tell me what you want..

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D said...

Your point was well developed. Local involvement in your party of choice and the grass roots elections of people who are close to your views is the route we are taking. Love ya, Sis. Tooooo Much Foxxxxxxx......