Saturday, November 21, 2009

Open Letter to Charlie Christ


I was sitting in front of the computer when I had a revelation, a way for you to show the people of Florida that you are indeed the man we should send to Washington, D.C..

You have said in your ads for Senator that you will take on the Administration. Sir, I challenge you. Why wait until you are in Washington to take up our concerns with them. You are the elected head of a state government.

Nationally people have been organizing and demonstrating against what we see as massive government takeover. We have had no say in Health Care, the Cash for Clunkers program, the takeover of our banks, wage setting for private institutions, a 12,000,000,000 dollar national debt and the rise of a union leader so powerful that he is questioned by our President prior to his decision making. Really he will listen to one man when he will not listen to thousands of us calling out for him to stop.

There is another layer between the Federal Government and the people. A layer that is silent. Governor that layer is you and our State Elected Officials. You must lend your voice to ours, to stop these massive Federal programs. If not, then to me silence equals assent.

Which brings me to you. Nancy Pe:)i. She has declared us Astro-turf (i.e. we are not of any importance), brown shirts, Nazis, out of touch, misinformed, she fears us because she has apparently seen us before(i.e. Harvey Milk). You get the idea, we who object are a mob, which we're not.

We are ignored and belittled, at all levels including the Third Estate. At all levels our concerns have been ignored and ridiculed. This leads me to ask you, Sir.

Why are you waiting to set Washington right? This shouldn't wait until election day, our State's rights are being trampled as well as on all of Florida's elected officials. No one appears to be protecting us. The electorate in Florida is aware that no one is representing us. No one at the State level is challenging the legality of what the Federal Government has absorbed. You all are avoiding a confrontation with the Federal takeover.

Governor, use the time between now and election day to show us what you can do. Use our state and our State and Local Government Elected Officials to take on and make our Federal Government live by the restrictions placed on it by the Constitution.

Yes, this is dramatic, and carries some risk, but it will help you win election, we will see your strength and integrity of purpose. Use the state's Attorney General to explore ways to extract Florida from Federal imposition. and ways to challenge them in Court.

Protect our State Rights, become a wave of the future, ask other Governors and State Governments to join you. Use a Presidential technique, Call other Elected Officials from across the Country. Invite them to Florida and conduct focus groups on the issue of State vs. Federal rights under the Constitution.

Another layer of protest is needed, no one is listening to us. Protect the Constitution do not desert State's Rights because if you lose them for us, they will never come back.

Thank you.

cc: Rubio

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