Monday, January 4, 2010

Will They Honor Us?

We'll see this Tuesday if Illinois follows Massachusetts and sends another rather powerful message to Washington. This time from the people in Illinois. Senator Scott Brown's win sent me running into the other room cheering. That win sent a message to congress that the liberal opposition party should not ignore. In this election we have told Washington, we are still here and we're watching..

The elections over the past few weeks, Virginia and Pennsylvania, have been a slap across the face to the liberal dominant opposition party in Congress. For months these elected Democratic Senators and Representatives have screamed that we voters, are bigoted, fascists, misinformed, far right extremists. We have been characterized as gun totting, bible thumping, beer drinking conservative extremists. Speaker p:) even went so far as to say not only are we racists. Hinting that we could, perhaps be capable of crimes such as the murder of the Mayor of San Francisco. Shame, shame!

I am tired of hearing this Legislator has served 30 years 4o years in the Congress. We have elected incumbents for generations on the floor of the Congress. So long in fact I believe we continue to place people in the congress who are no longer in touch with the American people. I don't think Congress was ever meant to be a life long career.

Many of those in leadership positions, including Committee Chairs began their legislative careers in the sixties and seventies. What affected and shaped their world view then no longer applies. That period was a time of social unrest, antiwar, anti Vietnam. Our leaders today came out of that era. That is why they have no qualms and encourage the United States to abandon Iraq and Afghanistan and perhaps Israel. After all they abandoned the Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians to their fate.

How do I know this? Because I shared many of their ideals then. I marched for Women's rights, gay rights, the end of oppression, the end of war. We challenged the establishment. The 60's and 70's were a time of free love, marijuana and Woodstock. A time of youthful rebellion from which many of our legislators have refused to move beyond. In spirit they have refused to progress.

They are the same activists now as then, many push forward the very same causes they celebrated then. However, today there are differences. This is a different America. An America that relies on instant communication, an America that is dependent on the productivity of our people. An America that rewards those who pursue excellence today. An American that is a beacon to many and a Devil to others.

I have never felt so deeply about anything as I do today. It is my belief that we live in a time of great danger. Politicians make fun of us they ignore our anger, they make backroom deals they don't read legislation before it hits the floor.

The last item is interesting because in the past when some odious piece of legislation was discovered after a bill had passed. We were told they had "missed it," "did not see that," "someone must have slipped it in when they weren't looking," etc. How much legislation has Congress passed that no one took the time to read.

Possibly everything. Well now it seems the truth is out they don't read the bills that are to govern us. Their assistants apparently do and tell them what a bill is about. Excuse me did we send their assistants to the Hill to represent us. No!

It also seems that several elected and many unelected people in Washington harbor deep seated resentments against our Constitution and our very way of life.

We have a 17% actual unemployment rate, translated that means roughly 4,000,000 people are not working and our congress and the Democrats in Washington have frittered away the last 12 months behind doors and in corridors to nationalize health care. A lousy idea.

How dare Congress waste time for last 12 months on a give away, a soft program, something nobody wants. They should have focused on jobs, the economy and help for those 0f us who have to pay bills without a salary from which to pay them.

I am positive consumers and creditors are tired of hearing "I can not pay." All my life I have worked and now in the twilight years I have to worry about Congress saying "We have to give him (The President) something for the State of the Union." Good God. Well they didn't. All they gave were ink filled Time Cards showing massive hours of waste on health care, time thrown away on an unpopular piece of legislation.

I believe this monstrosity of back room deals needs to be killed and not restarted until our banks are safe, wall street is making money, our homes have regained their equity, our dollar is sound, we have an unemployment rate of 5.6% and the Terrorists have been defeated or marginalized.

I love my Country, I love the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the very History of America and the American People. I wonder what the history books will say about us in another 40 or 50 years. I wonder will they think kindly of us, will they honor what we have done.


D said...

Scary, ain't it. Good post.

D said...

That was a good one Bob. Keep it going. Sis