Monday, March 15, 2010

We the People Have Spoken and Been Ignored

Yes, I believe as a People we have spoken. Do you know what a society is that doesn't listen to its people? A country where the People are ignored and subjected to our Representatives utter contempt and derision.

Remember the comments, They're AstroTurf, they misunderstand the good things we are doing, they're misleading you, America. For 14 months we as a people have overwhelmingly opposed their 2,000 page plus health care bill. How did our Public Servants become the corrupt and out of control politicians we see battering our Constitution, pushing legislation down our throats today?

I think because today's politicians see themselves as above of us and not one of us anymore. Today's politicians are angry. They seem angry with each other, angry at the opposition party, angry when they hear a different opinion but most of all they are angry at the American people.

What has happened to blind and bury fairness in Washington? Perhaps serving in Congress for over 30 or 40 years you've learned the ropes and loopholes of the job and feel you deserve to be listened to. After all three or four decades of serving in Washington. you carry too many scars from battles.

I would suggest this anger indicates they have lost touch with the people they represent in the rarefied air of our capital. We need to remind Washington who has the real power. We have the power not them. Every two years we have the opportunity to wash out the House of Representatives, every six years we can fumigate the Senate and every four years we can have a President who respects us and our Country.

You can see Americans carrying the same message as that of the 60's and 70's. The protests of the past asked the government of that time that are being asked today. Listen to us, stop what you are doing, pay attention to your constituents, play by the rules and stop reinventing them with a broader purpose than they were ever meant to have.

We the voter elected and supported your admission to the congress, you were never appointed and are not there by the genius of your leadership. The will of the people in the district you represent put you there and they can take you out.

Today's standards of political behavior include protecting the Constitution, to cause no harm has been abused. Your leadership looks us in the eye and tells us, "But why are you questioning us. This is the way things have always been done... I'm sorry if a Senator didn't get his price tag in before we voted for this piece of legislation."

If so I say thank God we are finally seeing the corruption.

Are you listening Tea Party advocates, pin a tea bag to your shirt. A silent protest that perhaps has the potential of growing. Also when the Primaries begin I will vote against the current office holder and I urge others to do the same.

The Progressives of today are the radical Liberals of yesterday. Under the stirring label of Progressive, everything serves the cause. Any action that favors their goal, despite massive opposition is O.K.

I think not. Our major leaders are trying to tell us that back room deals are O.K. However in our heart of hearts we know they are wrong. Deals, money, buildings, highways or bridges bearing your name are wrong and simply plays to your ego's.

Isn't it funny, they think they know best that we need health care reform. Look at all the other programs the Government has managed so well. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Veterans Administration, the Post Office, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac these are all well run and fiscally responsible under Federal Governance aren't they?

Has General Motors become the outstanding company it once was now that the Government has a say in its operations? Has this administration managed the economy so well that they have provided jobs to over seven million unemployed workers who lost their jobs after January 20th of last year.

No, No, No, No, No and No. Our Government has abandoned the American People and our economy to run after another entitlement to mismanage, like the ones I've listed above.
How can they collect payroll taxes when so many are unemployed, how will Income Taxes be collected from people who are not working. How can businesses rise and prosper when they know they are the target of the Government? Why should banks lend money when people are losing jobs and have had their hours cut back making it impossible to repay their loans?

We are not being heard, we want jobs, an America restored to its rightful place in the world. A proud country, an industrious country, a melting pot and haven for people who live under truly repressive countries, a place where it seems even we are moving towards.

The days of heaping scorn have to end.

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