Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Fourth Estate

Enough. I was listening to a commentator the other day and I heard him laugh at something he'd read.

I heard this person say, "Ho! Ho! They've got it wrong again." I've heard this laughter at media bias before and suddenly I realized there is something we as a people. can do. I think our answer to the problem of new's bias is to add another dimension to the Tea Party Movement.

We meet and carry signs, we stand as sentinels against Constitutional abuse, living testaments to the birth of our nation. Our Country is composed of those who have escaped other Countries of repression. We are the children of people who left behind the religious persecutions, where their voices were never heard. We are the descendants of those who wanted a better place to raise our families, removed from under the thumb of the World's repressive societies and leaders.

We came to America and said "No more!" We wanted to be free. To accomplish this, we fought and died in forests and in towns but we prevailed. We are not Europe and for over two hundred years we set ourselves apart from them.

We are a Constitutional Representative Government. Our leaders s are not Kings, Dictators, or Despots. No we send those who represent us to the Executive and Legislative branches of government every 2, 4 or 6 years.

I won't say how we have been betrayed by our representatives, but I will suggest a way to make sure the Media, the Fourth Estate might pay more attention to the truths of their positions.

The Media which has given me the inspiration to write this Post, is dead. Employers and employees of Television, Radio age and Print News Media have sold their souls. They no longer report news as it truly is. They rely on Faxes,other reporters, source interviews and imposed Progressive movement filters.

People ask what can I do? I believe there is an answer. I would suggest that we stop laughing and shrugging our shoulders. Don't give the print media room to wiggle. If you believe they have misstated the facts then let them know, defend your position. I think this applies to both sides of the Political argument.

Challenge those who you believe are wrong. Correct in what ever form you choose to those who insert personal opinions in non opinion news. Make these purveyor of News report their work as the impartial witnesses of events that are supposed to be.

These reporters are central to understanding what is happening around us. They are the ones on the front line. It's through their ready access to our leaders, the news makers, the ones who capture our evolving history on tape and paper. They interpret what they hear and give us their opinions. If they get it wrong. Don't laugh, challenge their reporting.

I remember when news was filtered prior to the Eighties. Until then we only heard the official line. Then like a breath of spring some one said on the radio, what I had always thought and felt. At that moment, I was freed from institutional dogma.

I laughed, I cried, I yelled at the radio in agreement. At last someone else shared my opinions.

Now comes the change. We are not alone. I really wasn't alone then and I'm not alone now. Read your paper, listen to commentators and react. Send the editors and producers of mainstream media Faxes, letters, e-mails. Expose their biases. Let them know you read the words they print and listen to the words they say. Tell them enough! Keep up the pressure. Expose the truth to those who will not hear.

Tell them, over and over again, to report facts, don't let them put the reporter's opinion in the news they are reporting. The Fourth Estate is biased and has to be brought to heel. When they aren't balanced, tell them. Explain to them why they are wrong. Inundate the media with the truth and force them to listen.

We've lost our innocence. We can't laugh at them anymore. We can't say they got it wrong, and accept it because that's who they are. America is in the process of transition. We have to take on the main stream media let them know the American People are alive and well.

Send you letters, phone calls and e-mails, challenge empty headiness, bury the newspapers under reason. Don't laugh at them anymore, tell them what you think, no more laughing at them they are serious, so you must be also. Their game needs to be challenged. So go for it...