Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Professor Kagen Has to be Sent Packing. And other things

Professor Kagen needs to go! She has said enough for me to understand that she would be bad for the Supreme Court. She tells us, "Silly me. I'm not a Progressive, I'm a Democratic." Yes I am in tune with the Constitution but could you explain what do you mean by, "Does the Commerce Regulations permit Congress to create a law that will require people to eat vegetables." Kagen hemmed and hawed and then said Senator,I don't understand. Yup, a wonderful jurist.

Today an elected official, from the broke State of California, made snide comments about today's Minute Men. He suggested that they kill people. I believe the only people who died at the hand of a Minute Man were the British, way back when, I believe it happened in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

Our President, the most powerful man in the Country, ragged on the Minority Leader Boenor today after he'd met with him and the opposition party the day before. (Opposition Party, code for Republicans). Guess the meeting wasn't productive. What the Hell, why should it have been?

It seems politics of personal destruction are alive and well. The worst President since the old peanut man cannot justify his administration's responses, his directives, his mistakes. Instead he redirects everything away from himself and onto a convenient target. Yo' man doesn't work!

My Friend Ron, has been unemployed for over a year and a half. Do they understand what a strain on a relationship that is? The members of the majority have millions at their fingertips, what do they know about the pain of unemployment? Even if they lose their seats in government they are assured of being absorbed in a nifty job by the moneyed class.

Yes, our Government is the new elite. They swing to McCartney. Shortly after the election our President appeared on camera at a party in the White House. He selected his costume. He appeared as a pimp, including a gold money sign hanging from his neck. Yeah, he was a street man! I won't say what the First Lady was dressed as. I think his costume glorified the drug culture. But then who am I?

Our President talks, talks, talks. Rather, I think I should say he Reads Reads, Reads. The gulf coast is about to be buried under a coating of oil. Where are the enlightened media, the Environmentalists the Protectors of the coasts the ones who have made it their life's work to stop the advancement of the American People and our energy supply. Here we have a disaster in the gulf and they are not just avoiding they are silent. Boo, Hiss.

The ones who say they are on the cutting edge of technology are allowing this destruction of an ecosystem to happen. Cry shallow people, cry for our turtles our birds our jobs. Cry louder, the Government isn't listening to you. The damage of 70 days of an oil spill doesn't raise the hue and cry of the activists. Why hasn't it? Isn't what they see in person enough?

No I guess not. Apparently the American people do not have a voice with Jimmie Jr.

But I bet the environmentalist do! Guys you have hitched your pony to the wrong cart, or perhaps you are in league! History records the essence of Time. These times are an aberration, nothing done, nothing sacred. Understand History does judge those who are prominent. Thankfully History will examine the decisions that are made to confront this disaster.

The words history records lay out the Sins of those who lead during crisis. I pray in the future people will marvel at the shallowness of those who laid down the frame work for today's disaster both in government and the gulf.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Rule of Law

BP is responsible for the oil spill, they acknowledge their responsibilities. It is another terrible tragedy for the Gulf Coast States. However, I never thought that I would see private enterprise subjected to so much vindictiveness by our politicians. Senator Waxman called for his committee to investigate before anyone could possibly have fully investigated the causes, then chastises the BP COO for saying he wants to wa9it to see what the reviews will say about the disaster.

Again our Congress steps in before the evaluations are over. Here we have a disaster and the old people in Congress are trying their best to appear knowledgeable, yet they simply appear bombastic. Our Congress is old. Too many grandfathers. Waxman expected to seal the destruction of an oil enterprise, buried in Congressional hyperbole, thank God the British sense of Honor kicked in.

We are in an era where our President and his allies seem to be waiting for some one to challenge them in the courts. He has fined BP out of the jurisdiction of the courts. He and His have assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner with the business world.

Don't let him, or them push us into what is hurtful to a society that believes in free enterprise. If you relax the protection of every ones Constitutional Rights then you will lose them for all of us.

I believe, this Administration is positioning itself to march over the laws, trample the foundations and concepts of the rule of law and a three tier structure of government we have lived by. That is governance by the Administrative Branch of Government, the Legislative Branch and the Congressional branch each with distinct responsibilities. This separation has held us together for over 200+ years as a Nation.

I am very afraid for America. No one seems to be protecting us from a government that wants to absorb the businesses of this great country. We have seen Unions become stock holders, stock holder become holders of worthless paper. Why?

Where is the ACLU, our freedom fighters, where are the reporters who want a scoop.
Where are the Corporate Lawyers, the paid representatives of business. Where is the mass outcry, where are the people trained in the Law who can stop this massive takeover. Why is it that employment stats show government is the fastest growing segment of the job market and not the private sector. Are we all destined to wear the charcoal gray of uniforms on our way to work?

I fear the answer. Why? Because that is Obama's hope and change, the dismantling of what has been the most productive Nation in the World since Rome, Greece, all of the advanced societies from which we have taken their ideals to heart. We have had the luxury to explore science. We have explored the heavens, given our technology and our money and our children to the world so that they can share in the benefits of a free society.

Today we confront a philosophy we are not sensitive to. We are not as sophisticated as those who stand with their chests touching ours. Intimidation is wrong, no matter how important the chest thinks it is. Whether it it is in the Boardroom or the white House, laws govern us not the fist or the boot, nor a President's silly anger.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is He In Charge?

So our kick ass President has attempted to become angry. Since when has kicking ass or anger resolved anything? I suspect the recent actions and words of this President prove he doesn't realize he is at the top of the food chain in these United States.

During the recent BP episode he chose to delay a personal or government response. He remained silent. Except to stand before a teleprompter and tell the Nation he was in charge and had been engaged since day one. This statement opened the federal Government to law suits. "He was in Charge." Yes, Mr. President you are the face of the government, the spokesperson, the elected head of this Constitutional Government. Your actions tell the American people what advice you are given and your response reflects those whom you rely upon.

I am disturbed by your lack of decisiveness. I have never heard a President exclaim, in public, the gutter speech that you recently issued. Your words can be compared to the Trojan Horse. A benign figure full of air. In America our President does not put his boots on any ones throat. We respect and work with the private sector. We do not condemn companies because of an accident, nor does our government kick the private sector's ass to show strength.

I have yet to reconcile the fact that in the past year 70% of out economy has been swallowed by the government. When did lies become news? I hear figures that I laugh at. Since when has 0.8% growth for employment become something to celebrate? Is BP and the oil industry your next target? Is it your intention that they be added to the government profile?

Sir, you have shown a propensity to damage our friends and play up to our enemies. I wonder are you a closet antisemitic. I ask why you celebrated the end of Ramadan and yet did not celebrate Passover at the White House.

Why don't you celebrate Our Lord Christ in a local church in Washington, D.C.? You've said your attendance would be disruptive, yet other Presidents have relied on our Christian Lord in a weekly church service. Does your Indonesian roots and the early training you received in the Madrases stop you from displaying to the Muslim world your true faith?

You have chosen to surround yourself with angry people. I ask you to look at these people again. Do their philosophies correspond with yours? These are dangerous people, much smarter than you and exquisitely more patient.

You need to travel the road of reason. Now that you have the power to impact on the lives of 250,000,000 people, and have been elected into the highest position in the land; don't you question why everything is collapsing. Why is it that so many people can't find work? Have you asked for the root cause of the collapse of the housing market from those in a position to answer? Have you asked for the true cause of the collapse of Wall Street from those who were ruined, to add to the comments you've received from bureaucrats?

Understand we, the American People may be slow to anger, but we vote. Understand we have given you the mantle of government but every four years we can snatch it away. I worry about the future for my children and their children and those that follow them. I believe our generation is facing what persecuted peoples faced in the 1930's. Sir, you stand between us and ruin. I pray God will help us.