Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is He In Charge?

So our kick ass President has attempted to become angry. Since when has kicking ass or anger resolved anything? I suspect the recent actions and words of this President prove he doesn't realize he is at the top of the food chain in these United States.

During the recent BP episode he chose to delay a personal or government response. He remained silent. Except to stand before a teleprompter and tell the Nation he was in charge and had been engaged since day one. This statement opened the federal Government to law suits. "He was in Charge." Yes, Mr. President you are the face of the government, the spokesperson, the elected head of this Constitutional Government. Your actions tell the American people what advice you are given and your response reflects those whom you rely upon.

I am disturbed by your lack of decisiveness. I have never heard a President exclaim, in public, the gutter speech that you recently issued. Your words can be compared to the Trojan Horse. A benign figure full of air. In America our President does not put his boots on any ones throat. We respect and work with the private sector. We do not condemn companies because of an accident, nor does our government kick the private sector's ass to show strength.

I have yet to reconcile the fact that in the past year 70% of out economy has been swallowed by the government. When did lies become news? I hear figures that I laugh at. Since when has 0.8% growth for employment become something to celebrate? Is BP and the oil industry your next target? Is it your intention that they be added to the government profile?

Sir, you have shown a propensity to damage our friends and play up to our enemies. I wonder are you a closet antisemitic. I ask why you celebrated the end of Ramadan and yet did not celebrate Passover at the White House.

Why don't you celebrate Our Lord Christ in a local church in Washington, D.C.? You've said your attendance would be disruptive, yet other Presidents have relied on our Christian Lord in a weekly church service. Does your Indonesian roots and the early training you received in the Madrases stop you from displaying to the Muslim world your true faith?

You have chosen to surround yourself with angry people. I ask you to look at these people again. Do their philosophies correspond with yours? These are dangerous people, much smarter than you and exquisitely more patient.

You need to travel the road of reason. Now that you have the power to impact on the lives of 250,000,000 people, and have been elected into the highest position in the land; don't you question why everything is collapsing. Why is it that so many people can't find work? Have you asked for the root cause of the collapse of the housing market from those in a position to answer? Have you asked for the true cause of the collapse of Wall Street from those who were ruined, to add to the comments you've received from bureaucrats?

Understand we, the American People may be slow to anger, but we vote. Understand we have given you the mantle of government but every four years we can snatch it away. I worry about the future for my children and their children and those that follow them. I believe our generation is facing what persecuted peoples faced in the 1930's. Sir, you stand between us and ruin. I pray God will help us.

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