Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Professor Kagen Has to be Sent Packing. And other things

Professor Kagen needs to go! She has said enough for me to understand that she would be bad for the Supreme Court. She tells us, "Silly me. I'm not a Progressive, I'm a Democratic." Yes I am in tune with the Constitution but could you explain what do you mean by, "Does the Commerce Regulations permit Congress to create a law that will require people to eat vegetables." Kagen hemmed and hawed and then said Senator,I don't understand. Yup, a wonderful jurist.

Today an elected official, from the broke State of California, made snide comments about today's Minute Men. He suggested that they kill people. I believe the only people who died at the hand of a Minute Man were the British, way back when, I believe it happened in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

Our President, the most powerful man in the Country, ragged on the Minority Leader Boenor today after he'd met with him and the opposition party the day before. (Opposition Party, code for Republicans). Guess the meeting wasn't productive. What the Hell, why should it have been?

It seems politics of personal destruction are alive and well. The worst President since the old peanut man cannot justify his administration's responses, his directives, his mistakes. Instead he redirects everything away from himself and onto a convenient target. Yo' man doesn't work!

My Friend Ron, has been unemployed for over a year and a half. Do they understand what a strain on a relationship that is? The members of the majority have millions at their fingertips, what do they know about the pain of unemployment? Even if they lose their seats in government they are assured of being absorbed in a nifty job by the moneyed class.

Yes, our Government is the new elite. They swing to McCartney. Shortly after the election our President appeared on camera at a party in the White House. He selected his costume. He appeared as a pimp, including a gold money sign hanging from his neck. Yeah, he was a street man! I won't say what the First Lady was dressed as. I think his costume glorified the drug culture. But then who am I?

Our President talks, talks, talks. Rather, I think I should say he Reads Reads, Reads. The gulf coast is about to be buried under a coating of oil. Where are the enlightened media, the Environmentalists the Protectors of the coasts the ones who have made it their life's work to stop the advancement of the American People and our energy supply. Here we have a disaster in the gulf and they are not just avoiding they are silent. Boo, Hiss.

The ones who say they are on the cutting edge of technology are allowing this destruction of an ecosystem to happen. Cry shallow people, cry for our turtles our birds our jobs. Cry louder, the Government isn't listening to you. The damage of 70 days of an oil spill doesn't raise the hue and cry of the activists. Why hasn't it? Isn't what they see in person enough?

No I guess not. Apparently the American people do not have a voice with Jimmie Jr.

But I bet the environmentalist do! Guys you have hitched your pony to the wrong cart, or perhaps you are in league! History records the essence of Time. These times are an aberration, nothing done, nothing sacred. Understand History does judge those who are prominent. Thankfully History will examine the decisions that are made to confront this disaster.

The words history records lay out the Sins of those who lead during crisis. I pray in the future people will marvel at the shallowness of those who laid down the frame work for today's disaster both in government and the gulf.

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