Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hate and Those Who Spread It

So, today I saw the news. It seems an elected official of the great state of which ever hadn't heard of the fire and brimstone speech of a leader of the Shebaz family. A speech of hate and destruction from a member of a minor fundamentalist ideology. The speaker of these words is a New Black Panther person.

Anyway, this congressional person had no idea Shebaz (It seems this is a collective family name) called for the destruction of cracker whites and babies. I refuse to believe this member of congress hadn't heard anything about this Panther's hate speech. If its true that the government official didn't know, then he should not finish out his term. A man that ignorant shouldn't hold the reins of government for a moment longer. Why is it that a man at the pinnacle of power doesn't even read a newspaper, as thin as they are today. Now for the hate speech itself.

Black Panthers, do I fault them because they seek my death? No! Never. I believe they are confused. They have been scalded by the self seeking representatives who have kept them captive with the dialogue of, "You'd be further along in life and the treasures that life holds if the white devil hadn't kept you in the lock and key of slavery. These New Masters of anger say you have never been allowed to succeed in your own God given right. The Whites have held you back. Personally I don't think I've done that to anyone. If I did I didn't mean to.

I see this tension from another direction, I'd say, the men and women at the apex of the organizations founded to help black progress have grown fat and happy at the expense of those they say they represent. Look at these paragons of civil rights. They have diamonds on fingers, smooth skin, fancy clothes, cars, even helicopters. They have seats in congress, on boards of commerce and are the heads of churches. All the while they stir us up saying that the white man is out to destroy the man of color. They point their fingers and raise their voices to make us cower. They cry into the microphones that racists are everywhere. Are they? Is racial injury as bad as they say?

I say these paragons of racial strife are trying to keep the sixties and racism alive because that time and those philosophies are their bread and butter of trade. Enough, we the American people are Black, African, Spanish, Irish, English, Scottish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, French, German any combination of the world's geopolitical spheres.

We live, we breathe, we produce children, we seek peace, have homes and love those who are important to us. Why is it that the hate of people who live off hate cause the world so much strife. There should be no room for hate in this world. Each man or woman is responsible for the way they are greeted by others, if you are friendly, friends will surround you, If you hate or are angry you will attract anger like a lode stone.

I fear for US, I have intentionally used the abbreviation for the United States because that is our country. I fear for US because I am hearing so much hate and division, not brought on by national movements, but by out of date organizations and socialist political forces that have their hand out to collect from us while they throw hate speech, and say they are only repeating our speech; when nothing could be further from the truth.

Think, my friends, why is it necessary for us to to listen to the voices that are amplified, from persons of power who mean to sway us, to make us angry only to add coins to their pockets. Do we need to really listen to people who give hate speech from the podiums of power. Why is it that 48 years after Martin Luther King they say America is no better. I say because these harbingers of hate and racism can't allow racial strife to die. They intend to make sure that people, Black as well as White will never move beyond the mid eighteen hundreds.

You've heard what they say. Why is it that in two thousand and ten those in power still see the devil of race still in the shadows. Because that is their bread basket, that's why.

This is my opinion, I've marched, I've built and I still believe we are one, creatures of God and bonded with one another no matter our skin color. Thank you for reading my attempt to procure racial unity.

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