Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Imperial Presidency

Do you remember Nixon...He too had grand designs on those who lived in the United States...Like the man in the White House today.

This charming man, Nixon, laughingly created a uniform for the palace guards (The palace being the W.H.) for those of you who hadn't been born yet, the uniforms had bright golden buttons, blue jackets with cravats and blue trousers with red stripes down the outside of the leg. Their hats had gold braid and patent leather bills with a blue serge crown.

Pretty impressive. Except the American people rebelled against this feudalism. Our papers the New York Times, the grandfather of all papers known for the truth in their articles, and the impartiality of their correspondents. This paper was known world wide for the depth of their analysis and commentary, not so today. They have succumbed to the level of "Tell me and I'll put it in tomorrow, verbatim.

Next month the First Lady leaves for Spain with 40 others and surprise, without the President. You would think that they could keep their marriage balanced for at least 4 years, but then perhaps not. They too are subjected to the stresses many families share. Differences in ideology, college instructors, books read. You get my drift, they may suffer from a clash of ideas. I should think their dinner table is quite interesting. I always loved the combat of ideas.

Of course their discussions are so above ours. We deal with Mortgage payments, Dentists, "you lay around all day, get a job.", disruption of families by encroaching inability to secure our future because we are told Jobs are there yet we can't find them.

Unfortunately the President is naive Hell Bent on imposing these ice palaces in the sky on a Nation. Ours, us! We in this time and place have been chosen to prove or disprove the concept of Utopia from the sixties.

I remember that a few years ago I'd heard that the Congress and the Court system could become irrelevant. I thought no we are a Nation of laws and then this Democratic Congress comes along and proves me wrong, they give unelected heads of agencies the power to decide the framework of the laws that govern us.

Poor sad, old men, owners of 7 million dollar boats, rent controlled apartments, millions in the bank, options that they set in place knowing they would prosper. Options that made them, rich richer and richest. The true elites.

So my friend do you think I am off the mark? We are no longer governed we are RULED. You know I was happy that our President had a darker skin color than mine. I am sorry that no one in the media or the Democratic Party choose to show us who he was. They knew his mind set, yet they chose to hide this dangerous man.

As a citizen I didn't look into his soul and see the anger and the meaning of his words, he told us what he wanted to do and so many people didn't understand the truth of what he said because we are so use to the silver tongues of our representatives in the halls of the Legislature that we can no longer recognize truth.

We vote for someone because he or she has the beauty of form and face. Because the leading light of a party posses the gift of speech, they are charismatic. Magic words of safety and compassion for us. Words flow from their mouths. Enough, I have learned. One bad apple and I am exhausted, consumed by fear. I listen and feel we are betrayed each and every day by our fine friends in the Congress.

So now my dears, as I've said, I am tired and have to go to bed. Tomorrow I'll wake up and listen again to the words that describe the downfall of this country by people who have Imperial designs, either by way of costumes or the richness of politicians misguided political philosophies.

November, 2011 and November, 2012 can't come soon enough to rid our halls of government from the self seekers, the playboys with too much money and not enough wisdom and return it to the people who have a soft spot for America.

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D said...

I see you're still writing about "bloodsuckers"...Very good article. I think you are more of a political writer than you know.