Monday, September 20, 2010

Bless You Outspoken Lady!

I heard several supporters of this administration speak out negatively today.  Thank you for that.  However, I was absolutely impressed by a woman who took our President to task.  She said what she thought about her current life.  She complained to the most important person in the political word, our President, of her fears about the affects of his policies.

Standing before the microphone, without sheets of paper, she challenged him to his face.  Something we can not do.  When she expressed that she was tired of protecting him, he smiled, probably expecting another compliment.  It did not come.  She told Obama that she and her husband never thought they would be confronted with cans of beans and hot dogs at this time in their life.  She asked him straight to his this the new reality?  Some would think this is a negative question, something the main stream media is reluctant to do.

It isn't.  This is central to the thoughts of the American People.  We will never have an answer because the media has abandoned us.  I forgive them because they are innocent victims of their time; they have been taught by their professors that the ideals they share with Obama are the wave of the future.  I believe they have been corrupted their ideals have been inculcated and twisted through the process of learning.  The media has become a collection of aging elitists.  Those in government and the press think we the common folk are idiots because we do not embracing the ideals of the Soviets, Maoists, Leninist, fascists who sit around Obama's governing table.. 
Could it be that we remember these outdated philosophies from our childhood.  Ideals that those of us who have lived through world wars and seen the effect of  philosophies the world has rejected.  Ideals and concepts of political evolution we have had to fight against. 

Two years ago we made a mistake.We did not listen to the spoken word, he laied everything out.  We did not hear the words behind the words, we made a mistake.  The children born and educated today are being raised in the artificial reality of dreamers; they are being raised under the direction of perverted educators.  Educators that espouse the ideals that we reject each time they appear.  They are always presented and sold as a panecia a place of light in a dark world.  It seems these ideas never seem to go away.

The young of today do not seem to understand that what is verbalized in a class room is not necessarily the truth.  I believe that is why this administration focuses on our children.  This President doesn't read stories to children sitting on the floor.  He gives speeches to the young using teleprompters. 

This President has a little more than two years left before his administration becomes history.  Vote your conscience on November 2nd.  Vote for a release from text books and professors in the White House.  Theory is simply theory, a good thing to argue over but not something you want to live by.

 Thank you, Ma'am, courageous Lady.  I do not know your name but you have made me grateful that there are still people who have access to this President, willing to speak out and tell our President the truth.    ,

I love and respect your courage.  Unfortunately this lady will probably lose her job.  But her courage can perhaps place her as a strong voice of those of us, who have worked hard and tried to be good citizens, like her. 


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