Thursday, September 23, 2010

So, Lies Are The Truth Now

Robert Woodard is a reporter he investigates political chicanery.  I knew he was around, God bless him.  I understand he has a new book, I wish him success.  It seems he has had access to the members of Obama's administration, access to listen and note on his pad words he heard, or those on paper or tape with the full blessing of our leaders and their underlings who spoke on the record and will suffer no repercussions.

Strange, isn't it.  We are still in two wars in the Middle East, yet Secretary Gates (sp)will not denounce, nor will any other high level bureaucrat say I slipped this reporter this information to him and this is why.

I would like Americans to have a sheet of paper by their remote and tic off the number of times this administration's bright lights tell the people a lie.  The President did it today when he said his administration had given more money to help those with AIDS.

In fact the largest increase to AIDS funding was with George W. Bush.  Lies have become the truth by sound bite, lies by camera and of the moment's need.  These slick politicians think we are too stupid to check information.  No we're not.  We have been conditioned to rely on others to filter the truth, but not today many of us see the pattern.

Now we are in a crisis of truth, it is time we stood on our own two feet and checked information that is so glibly thrown at the camera or the teleprompter as fact.  Lies by those Democrat Progressives who have ruled for more than 40 years minus or plus the 8 years the Republicans served as the majority during those decades. 

Our President is not alone in bending the truth.  Look to the laws that have been passed by the Democratic party with Obama.  Career politicians with no other option in the real world desperately ignore facts or bypass the truth during their sound bites.  Look and see how they avoid Health Care, trade bills and other killing bills they pushed down our throats during their reelection campaigns. 

I am pleased so many people are abandoning Obama and returning to Harvard, yet I fear that they will carry their message  of American economic destruction to their classrooms. 

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