Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Did the Democrat Leadership Know and When?

The other day was unusual. I watched the news to hear the results of the primary elections to identify those who will battle on November 2, 2010.  As a side note I despise the amount of money that is being spent. I don't understand why we can't go back and undo the 17th amendment and allow those whom we select for State Government to choose those who represent us in Washington. What is wrong with that?

Just think of all the money that would be saved on television ads alone.  We would still have a say about who is sent to Washington through the election of  local and state officials.  More importantly we would eliminate Federal Congressional members from whittling a space for them to have life long career for themselves.  Eliminating this amendment would mean we wouldn't be burdened by legislators who pump out their chest and say "I've been here for Forty years.  Or others who choose to ridicule us during Town Halls if we dared to speak out, or legislators who actually ignore us all together as the current congress has done.  Shame on them."

I was watching television the other night and the commentator lined up chess pieces. He went one by one and delineated the powers of each. He cited the Bishop, the Rook, the Knight and the Tower as people who advise the President. Then he identified within this administration and close to the President who are socialists and anarchists within this special group.  He also pointed out, "You've not heard me identify the King and Queen as Obama and Michelle. He whispered, "They are pawns." Could he have marginalized this president any more forcefully?

Suddenly I understood something that I had not understood.  The commentator's words made sense.  Perhaps this President doesn't control the Government or those whom he has selected to govern with him.  Where is his stamp on any of the legislation that has been sent forward?  Or for that matter what did he contribute to the content of any major legislation he proposes?  He has never been able to explain content.

Could it be that it doesn't matter to him, its all empty policy and he has no personal interest. He steps between two Teleprompters and echos the words written for him.   According to Lady P. and Wannabe again R; legislation can hit their desk and they are duty bound to push it forward, we the great unwashed can read it after passage and be so impressed by the content that we will send up rockets and  dance in the streets.  NOT!

The bills passed by this Congress that is about to end and led by P and H has been dangerous, they have undermined the constitution and all reason.  I hear 50 billion and 30 billion as if they are simply numbers and not actual money.  This president thinks his check book is unlimited.  It is time for him to find out that his signature has to be preserved for signing Holiday Proclamations alone.

When have the American people ever said that we will accept a bill passed by the Congress that is to be filled in later by someone who does not answer to the people through their Congressional Representatives.

I remember when Czars were initiated.  They were not cabinet members and had no authority.  However now I think these people have no accountability and huge levels of authority that can impact on the American People.  These Czars operate outside the Constitution and have no obligation to anyone especially those we send to congress, and I would assume not even to the President him self. 

As a citizen I would question if these appointments are constitutionally legal.  I would question how are they paid, What are their job descriptions, what are the instructions they've been given and what are the expectations the President has outlined for their work, do they sit above the Secretaries of the President's Cabinet, what is the extent of their power, what limits have been set to control them and lastly who has precedence the Czar or the Congress?ho

My sister told me today that I am an ob er conservative, yes I am and I'm proud of it because I hope that my questions and words will help others to see what is happening to the United State today.  Thank you and God Bless.

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