Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Obama, Pelosi, Reed Defend Your Positions

Never before have the followers of radical ideologies been more prevalent than today.  October 2, 2010 was a prime example of non-Constitutional entities gathered on the Mall in Washington, D.C.  These rebels stood in front of the camera, brazen examples of how far the socialist movements has taken over a sleeping America.  Wake up look around you, listen to the parsed words and react at the ballot box.

The Democratic party has been trying to make this election a local affair.  Hoping to give breathing room to Obama.  It has failed.  Do you want to have a global governance.  The Greek Guy, I think he's Greek, anyway he's a transplant to America.  He's here to manipulate our currency, among other reasons for choosing the USA.

I may be mistaken but Soros(Our President's best friend and economic adviser) is apparently the one who killed the British pound,  He has now focused on the dollar...Beware.  Our president and I use the small letter on purpose is a Fascist.  Give him another two years under Pelosi and Reed and a Liberal majority and we are doomed.

Elect true conservatives not RINO's (Republicans in Name Only) or Blue Dog's or committed liberals.  Another two years without Legislative and Judicial control over this President and his Czars, will be the end of this Republic.  He dances through the Constitution, daring the American People to challenge him.

Step to the polls, the Democratic leadership is trying to make this a local election, focused on local issues.  True we have those, but understand if you accept this mindset then you are blind to what is happening on the Federal and International level.  

States rights and the rule of law in this Country are under a major attack by Progressives, yes they are a force with a capital letter.  If you doubt me look at the tapes of 10/2/10 see the radicals dance because they are so close to their goal.  We have administrators and unconfirmed Czars deciding the interpretation of laws the Congress has passed... led by two vain glorious people and their minions.

Harsh words but I truly believe we are at the end of a cycle.  Conceptual ideologies of the elites in our universities are now in a position to implement their textbooks.   

Theory is theory.  How many of us with College Degrees have learned that a theory is not the real world of our chosen field.  How many of us suddenly seen that our grand, smart professors were children in the wood.  Book smart yes, real life no.

Vote for the people who will truly follow an anti Obama agenda... don't be fooled by the silk tongued...look to your neighbor, tell them this election is important.

God bless and protect the United States.

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