Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is Free Speech Anymore?

As many of you know I try to state what I see.  Today was a seminal moment or as they say change is in the air.  But will the change be a capital C or a small c..  I think the major seekers of a new World Order fashioned on the failed ideologies of the European Anarchists that this government and his Czars are trying to implement will fail.  This is not the time to follow the Great Leap Forward or for Americans to emerge as silly copies of the Red Shirts, the Brown Shirts or for us to carry the little Red Book.

I loved hearing that the Billionaire Hedge Fund operative finally rose from the bank vault where he lives.  We cannot allow him to collapse our currency,  He destroys money by betting, kind of like cattle futures but more sophisticated.

Today I believe a mistake was made.  The big s in a fit, openly sent his dollars out onto the playing field, thirteen days before the most important election since the twenties... the dollars are meant to pay for over a hundred journalists.  In addition it seems another project of his, the Tides Foundation has given a substantial amount of money to Arriana, Hey Reid, Pelosi, Beynor investigate this contract.

I have often disagreed with Juan Williams when he spoke on television, I enjoyed his passion, I thought he was often misguided.  But I respected his opinions.  I was surprised when he expressed popular sentiment about the fact that the terrorists who slammed into the Twin Towers were Radical Muslims.  He was correct, it doesn't matter if they are Saudi, Yemeni, Javanese, Somali.  The thing that binds them as a murderous group is their interpretation of the Koran.

Take a deep breath, this reality does not condemn Islam or the Koran.  It isolates the radicals. They, the fanatics, the young and impressionable ones who step into a Mosque, an airport, a girls school or a restaurant.  A group of impressionable people, who do not understand us and are blinded by angry words.  We are not evil, we have tried to share our success. 

These innocents are led by a small party of aging zealots.  They are teens and young adults who step before a camera and tell us they want us dead, then pop a few pills and travel to a selected target to detonate, to kill themselves and never know what their death meant or what it changed.

Why is it the bearded leaders, the gray beards don't show the younger ones how to die in the name of their cause.   Let them strap on the sticks, the C4, let them show the young what it means to believe.  They can't.  I think it is no longer about the Koran but rather who is the King Maker in the Middle East.

Is it the dusty person in the cave, or is it the Mullah, could it be the president of a country or a king.  Who can step forward and give his or her people, a country at peace.  Is it the drug lord, the politician, the war lord, stay tuned Obama will let us know.
Anyway...God bless free speech and the Constitution that allows me to blog and say what I believe without Government approval or oversight.

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