Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Musings From the Front Porch

I was sitting on the front porch with my glass of lemonade, with a shot of my favorite sour mash bourbon.  I had my feet up and the fan was squeaking overhead, harassing the bugs.

I suddenly had a thought about this past election and something I for one think needs to be addressed.  That is cleaning the voter rolls.  I hear "Oh we found 800 ballots that haven't been counted."  How is it that the citizens of a State pass an amendment to have the name of the write in spelled correctly and have a politico say "We need to count them on the basis of intent, what the heck happened to "We the People."

How does anyone know what their intent was unless they can ask them, which they can't.  I thought with all the misspellings that perhaps the voters didn't want to vote for Miller and didn't want to vote for Merkokwsy.  Perhaps they misspelled her name because they knew their misspelling of the name would invalidate their vote if State Law were followed.

You know like a "None of the Above" vote.

Its time now to look at the laws and those identified as voters in each state to eliminate felons, illegals, dead people, duplicates, or people who have moved out of state or voting precincts and where there are more peopple Registered to Vote than there are in the jurisdiction.

Surely there have been enough suspicious voter counts to have the 600+ new members of State Government to approve and follow a purging of the voter rolls.

So I sit musing, wondering what if they did then I remember I'm always being told each vote must count.  As they say in some areas of the Country, "Vote Early and Vote Often!"

I finished my lemonade and need another, will write soon....

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Donnie said...

It sure is a mess up there isn't it....Pour one for me too, please.