Friday, December 3, 2010

Forget Bipartenaship

Today was a horrible day, not because of the new jobless rates(of course that should be enough.)  I saw our President in a leather jacket in Afghanistan and I thought he didn't look well.  His doctors need to pay more attention to the strain he is under.

I saw the other night on the news that the President met with the leaders of the new House and a marginalized Senate.  Usually he sits at the head of the table, with a plaque on the wall over his head, but for this one he sat in the middle of the table to show, body language wise, collegiality.  What a Rube.

Poor Beinor and McConnell they were placed at his left positioned at the outer fringe of the table.  He didn't have to look at them.  I saw this and wondered why Beinor and McConnell weren't positioned opposite him to indicate a discussion, or why there was so much space between Pelosi the President, Reid and the opposition party as the President loves to call us.  Unfortunately I know why he did this.  He hoped to show the new majority in the House and the fortified senate how he could marginalized the outcome of the elections, a visual concession to pacify the uber Left.

Having been in meetings that were contentious I recognized the symbols and actions for intimidation.  It is called jockeying, who has more muscle, even if you only weigh eighty pounds  a person can still visually or aurally triumph.

I can say only this, don't be misled the Democrats vindictive and nonsensical excuses.  They have lost the confidence of the American people.   Simply because we have triumphed in the elections doesn't mean we will be successful.  Pelosi and those who worship her hold no love for us they are bonded to their progressive agenda and there is no compromise with them. 

For the next few years this is a fight that we have to have and we should take no prisoners in the Halls of Congress.

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Donnie said...

Maybe he was sitting like that because it made him look better in the photo op. If one has low blood pressure just watch the mess up there in Washington and it will be guaranteed to go up.