Friday, December 10, 2010

OMG! Is it True, is Clinton our New Spokesperson?

Today I saw our President appear on camera with the red faced President Clinton...Sad isn't it that a man we elected, needs to rely on another person from the past to express his position?  Why did our current President, Obama, approach Clinton and ask him to participate in a White House news conference?  Obama looked bored and bemused during the briefing today meant to maintain a tax that would have expired in January?

Why couldn't our current President lead us himself.  Is he so powerless he couldn't silence the Democratic outburst himself.  I have heard as an additional National insult that P didn't allow those who'd been defeated in November's election to participate with the remaining Leftists in her Caucus.  Perhaps I'm wrong.  You know during Clinton's election we were told we would get two.  How true today we saw an Ideologue standing beside a camera hog.

They said he (Clinton) spoke for 30 minutes; How nice!  But did he really say anything?  I don't know because the press was so pleased to have him en camera they didn't pass on the content of his speech.

Ah!  Poor Ms. Clinton.  She poor dear, wanders about the world on diplomatic travels...We see her on the scrolling lines at the bottom of the news or films that are fillers showing her walking off an airplane, or shaking hands, or perhaps sitting on flocked fabrics.

Do you wonder like I do that there never seems to be any positive outcome from her visits in the trouble spots of the World.  It seems to me there is never anything successful, or substantive outcomes identified in news reports describing the World changes from all of the meetings she attends.  I wonder if all the gasoline she distributes is worth the cost.

I would like to weigh in on Wiki links and their expose, perhaps they are good, maybe they will shake up our media to see that expose is still the thing the American people are hidden from.  His journalism perhaps makes him a contemporary of the reporters of Water Gate?   Why does today's media hide all of the lies and corruption we see and perhaps they can too?  Do they hope that what is hidden will never be exposed to the open air.

Perhaps we should not accept the common behavior of our intelligentsia, our diplomats, as seen in the recent distribution of painful information.  I hate hearing the contents from the White Papers of our professional representatives containing such crude language describing our allies and friends, even of those whom we wish to win over.  I thought White Papers were sacred.  What has happened?.  Our National voice around the world appears to be course.  Understand that negative descriptions of our diplomatic contemporaries is vulgar and has no place in the congress of Ladies and Gentlemen in the diplomatic circle.

The dumps simply add to the worry I have about the future...especially with these idiots in charge...don't you?

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Donnie said...

Wiki Leaks doesn't bother me as much as the underling that was able to give him the information. Where is our honor these days?