Friday, December 17, 2010

Really, You Give and Then I Give. Nonsense!

Bi-Partisanship, isn't it interesting that one would call for this when those who have controlled the dialogue for the past two years have at last been weakened so badly they are begging for the unity they refused to offer when they were in the majority.  Of course they are asking for this to keep themselves viable.  If we don't agree to their demands and forget and forgive their vile behavior over the past two years they will wander in their private/public desert of anger and contempt.

I say call them out, let them understand that "Elections Have Consequences!" as they have so consistently informed the Republican Party and the American People on numerous occasions. The Progressives, Moderates and Liberals, perhaps of both parties will scream to the Washington Post and the New York Times that those Conservatives on the Hill, who hold true to the concept of a strong America are "Hostage takers," "barriers to saving the common man or villains who wish to protect "Millionaires and Billionaires" at the expense of the American People by a political party that excels in deceit and subterfuge...i.e the Senator from Hawaii who developed the Omnibus Budget recently removed from the floor.

These vocal advocates of the leveling of society can only blame their loss of leadership, in both houses on the result of their insincerity, and the accumulation of their empty, angry, insulting words spoken, so we could hear them words that doomed them and meant nothing but wind blowing from an empty mouth.

We've lived for two years and our trust in those we elect to Congress has been weakened.  It seems to me we have lost a sense of us.  It seems that during the years of prosperity the American people became blind to the machinations of the Progressive and Moderate elements of Government. We focused on our insular lives rather than the state that gave us prosperity.

These elected guardians of America and it's people have grown rich and fat at our expense and our neglect of oversight made us enablers.  But now we are watching.  We've been damaged by the Democrats, our fortunes have evaporated under their watch.  While it seems to me the fat cats in government have suffered no financial losses.  Shame on them and shame on us for not watching!

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Donnie said...

I think this one also was very good Bob. I hope it doesn't raise your B/P too much.