Thursday, February 17, 2011

Egypt the Cauldron of the Beginning

Tonight I saw a new attempt by Secretary of State Mrs William Clinton explain our Country's position.  As usual our Secretary of state appeared under a different persona.  It was a new image.  One I've not seen before.  She seemed to be unwashed, dirty haired with a 25 million dollar fund to destabilize the world.  I hope people don't forget that our current President touted the Internet, he called it the invisible string that binds messages and opinions.  A wonderful tool that joined and galvanized the youth of today in a world of instant communication. 

I worry that this Administration has used instant messaging, did our officials tapped keys that helped the Middle East explode.  I worry because I think we have may have ignited turmoil without any idea how to control it.

I felt it was ominous when Hillary announced 25 million dollars in grant funds were made available from the State Department budget.  The purpose of which was to affect world opinion using the internet.  For those who may wish to apply for these monies, remember to include words that praise Obama.  For American, 25 million dollars in a time of collapse is nothing.  Never the less, who knew there was that much money waiting to be spent on anarchy, money the Democratic Congress targeted to a range of subversive activities.

No surprise I am not a creature of Madame Secretary Clinton.  I find her tiresome and believe she is a woman who has yet to discover herself.  She cannot play upon the world stage any more than Clapper can.  He for his ignorance and she because she has not unified the many particles of her being in her quest.  The things they share in common are ignorance and perhaps that they are willing Zombies to the party line...

I would like to know if the insurrection in the entire Middle East was truly an outburst of students, i.e young people or was it a guided insurrection from the man whose father wanted change in Rhodesia.  We will never know because all is hidden until someone looks into the shadows.

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