Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt's Strong People and Desendents of History

Today I congratulate those who stood against totalitarianism in Egypt.  Thirty years is too long to live under the eye of one person.  Life stagnates when a rule exists for so long.  Abuses can happen when the one who rules becomes jaded, or forgets the power comes from the citizens who have turned their power over to those who represent us.

Here in the U.S. and around the world we gather every few years and give control to people on a sheet of paper.  In the past a citizen would toss in the color of a stone hoping that those we elect will give us a benign governance.  And that those we select recognize that control comes from the people.  Egypt today is in such a situation.  We in the West pray that the people of Egypt will move to this open opportunity to reach their next level of Democracy and not revert to the traditions of the sixteenth century.

Egypt is ancient and has been envied by us, the Roman world, the Greeks and others who wished to conquer them and live by your ancient standards.  Stand free, look to your future leaders, know and understand exactly who they are.  Don't presume that there are not those who wish to control you.  People who are ready to walk upon the world stage with their heads held high and then stomp on you.  Ask them and judge by reputation, commitment to freedom by word and example.  In this way you will see through those who should not be on the national stage

Do not allow yourselves to be submerged by the Mullahs.  A caliphate carries horrors, look to your history.  True they are your religious leaders but has the Western World asked the Pope to lead Christians beyond the precincts of Rome.  Let Religious leaders guide the faithful, teach the route to heaven from Mecca and Medina or other religious sites.  Messengers should not control the business of capitals of soverign states.  They are the interpreters of God's word and passions, carriers of the Word to help you reach heaven.  They are not there to obtain sectarian success.

I have heard several Egyptians on television tonight and they softened my heart, I too felt their hurt and the misery they've lived under.  I apologize for not knowing their pain and wish them a bright future in a world of freedom from all those who would wish to confine a people and make them suffer. 

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