Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flames in the Middle East, Future Conflict

Isn't today interesting.  We thought our President disliked the English after he returned the bust of Churchill, a patriot to the English and the Greatest Generation.  Then there was the picture of Netenyahu about to leap from his chair just after the Inauguration.  Could it be that Obama dislikes the Israelis and British?  Have we had confirmation?  Yesterday, it seemed to me that our president sided with the Muslim modernity the cream of today's young Muslims.  Yet isn't this different from the political alienation of the Tea Party members who claim he is exceeding the bounds of our Constitution.  I cringed when I heard him say, "I hear you," to the Islamic world who often chant, "Death to America."   Did the speech writer includes these symbolic words uttered by our President in September, 2001?

Secretary Clinton needs to be replaced with someone who has authority, she has no real world experience, except for ordering the White House Cook to prepare dinner for international guests.  Yes she has traveled to trouble spots around the world many times over, her plane flies about touching down here and there, we see her disembark, yet have you heard reports of the outcomes, except rebellion erupting in her wake.  What discussions or successes has she really had.  I would like to know what messages Obama and Clinton are delivering to cause such strife in the world?

We will never know,  Unfortunately, our President, for the next two years will be focused on group discussions and news print covered with words set out in magic markers.  I wonder if his concept of change is to destroy this economy.  To mold the world as we know it to support "Dreams From My Father." He wants to honor his father to say his father didn't suffer in vain.  To say his son helped establish world wide the destruction of the landed as happened in Zimbabwe.

I hope he sees reason and understands that the market economy is indeed worth saving.  It is an institution of wealth to help those less fortunate.  The United States gives fortunes away around the World and despite the tyrants it will continue to do so.  We are a fortunate people willing to share our successes and beliefs in hopes of a brighter future.

Our President, by his words, I feel, has caused chaos in the Middle East.  Beginning with his first Cairo Speech, I am afraid we will lose Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Algiers, Morocco, and Lebanon even Saudi Arabia's king and family will be replaced by another family.  The ones who were the ancient guardians of Mecca and Medina and left in the dust after World War I.

Perhaps my next post will be more upbeat, I hope so.

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