Monday, February 21, 2011

The Birth of a Kaliphate and Hezbollah in Mexico

Strange I sat in front of the television set watching a thing about tigers killing people in India and then I had a thought.  In my minds eye I saw a map of the countries in the middle east undergoing what is said to be students protesting for Democratic reform.

I was horrified to see the countries in rebellion surrounded the Mediterranean.  You've seen it, Lybia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria.  This widespread revolt is unusual and extremely dangerous for us.  Our 5th fleet sits in Bahrain, another trouble spot.  Jordan, Yemen and Bahrain are trying to negotiate with those who wish them gone, they will soon be on an airplanes and out of their respective countries.  Iran has asked for and been given passage through the Suez Canal, something Egypt's last President refused the Iranians.   

Currently, the media is saying, Syria will host the Iranian warships and the Iranian 'students,' on board.  Our Prsident has said that he supports the students, why because he's a Professor.  Has he never worked during his Community Development days and been co-opted. by those who had no regard for truth and only wanted to take their share of money away from him.. 

The bad thing is that people who strive for good are often blinded by their own progressive and well meaning blinders.  These passives don't think there are others who want to hurt them to take support away from them, to deny or stop what may be well meaning projects they are calling for.  I don't mean conservatives! 

This is a terrible thing to say but I think if Obama wants to be reelected, which he does.  He should repair his viability and remove the socialist, fascists and 'Yes' men and women from his circle of advisers,  His advisers have made him late in delivering messages, timid in the words he uses to confront dictators and killers.  His timidity has made other political leaders appear to discount him.  His inaction and false starts place doubts about our commitment to our friends around the world.

God knows we will need them if the Middle east erupts and attempts to form a Kaliphate.  Many of those in rebellion want a secular government not a Theocracy and Shirea law.  We need to protect the only true democratic government in the region, Israel my beautiful Israel.  The Israelis should worry and perhaps move to protect themselves on their own. 

After all there are treaties between out two countries that call for us to defend out friend and we would be honor bound to help them.  Meanwhile Israel wonders if she too will be left alone to confront the 'students' from other countries without massive help from us. 

This week the US vetoed a resolution in the UN about building apartments in Jerusalem, our Ambassodor is weak and apparently toothless.  She should have never let the proposal to censure get that far.  The UN has never lived up to its purpose.  However, it has made many people rich from graft and corruption.  Its ineffectual leadership has disappointed the its total inability to do anything useful except spend money.  Now they want to rebuild because its an old asbestos ridden building. 

Lets give them money to rebuild in the Netherlands, Russia, Syria or anywhere else in the world, just get them out of New York.  Sell the UN's current property to trump and add those funds to help them rebuild elsewhere.

(A side note) Homeland security has done such a good job that I hear Hezbollah is in Mexico.  I been hearing but couldn't understand why decapitation had suddenly became the rage.  This is a technique of Radical Islam.  Separate the body from it's head and the person killed will never rest under the eyes of God.

How has Hezbollah connected with the money rich Cartels in Mexico while we stood by.  Homeland Security Secretary Nepalitano is a joke.  She dead pans the cameras and speaks in circles.  Enough make her protect us and root out the Radicals in Mexico, seal our border against the drug, religious and political radicals who want to and have killed Americans. 

Mr president you and yours are not serving the American people very well.

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