Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The States Need to Become Actively Involved in Washington

It's time for the States to enter the fray in Washington, D.C..  Our Federal Government is so out of control, spending trillions of our dollars that we don't have they need to be reigned in.

To my mind the States need to become involved as they did with the Health Care Bill.  We elected 70 + members to the 112th Congress and it seems to have had little effect on their penchant for business as usual.

The reason I say the States need to be involved is because the States sponsored an Amendment to the Constitution, to elect our Congressmen by popular vote rather than selected by State Governments as tradition established.   Perhaps it's time for another referendum which will allow us to return to State Appointees to the Congress. 

To my mind today's Senators and Representatives no longer represent the views of their States and their populations.  It appears they work for themselves.  Simply because the States no longer appoint our representatives doesn't mean they shouldn't bring the state's power into their business in Washington and that includes the Federal Budget.

By appointing our TOP Federal Legislators we would eliminate the billions of dollars spent on electioneering.  If the appointees fail to represent us then the State could easily replace them.  If there is no constant awareness of votes perhaps the months and current time line of 2 years for election campaigning could instead be spent on the peoples business. 

There is an awful lot of precedence being set by this President and ignored by the 112th Congress. 
1. There are 50+ Czars advising the president who have no congressional oversight.   
2. The President did not consult the Congress before waging war on Lybia, yet the action is not questioned instead the Congress uses the lame argument ''All Presidents do it."  
3. Our Secretary of State has been talking about Billions of dollars to support youth rebellion through the use of the internet and face book. 
4.  It appears an adviser to Obama is pushing him to wage war against countries if they are oppressive to their people.  Nonsense...we are not the policemen for the world nor should we change governments. 
5.  The budget comes from the house and the senate and the president negotiate with the house for passage
6. The president has actively opened his campaign for 2012, does this mean a repeat of his time as a Senator where he will be spending so much time away from his responsibilities to campaign that he will leave Washington to its own devices.

Speaker Boehner, what happened?  I was beginning to believe in you again.  I'm worried you will let '95 emerging from the past and permit then to affect you now. You need courage, fight for your beliefs and mine.

Isn't saying that the 40 billion in cuts you agreed to, and identified in Obama's December's budget nothing but another game by you this time of, 'smoke and mirrors.'

The Tea Party's reputation has suffered because of your caution and reticence to expose your political future to defeat in '2012.

We want to help but you have to protect your base, stop being fearful of what may happen politically to you instead look to your legacy.

The Tea Party is a successful political movement(See the November 2, 2010 rejection of business as usual in Washington).  What started out as a small group of dispirited voters became a National Movement of significance.  I say movement because it is not  political party and hopefully it will not need to become one.

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