Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Will We See Riots Here in the United States

I want to talk was a mile stone, our President blamed Bush again and then those of us who have lost money under his leadership.  Where is Senator McCarthy when you need him...I'm just asking!

President Roosevelt another Progressive found McCarthy intolerable because he exposed the Communists, socialists in the White House who were advising the President...true McCarthy went too far but he stopped their movement and influence

I am truly afraid that the student driven riots in the Middle East, paid for by the US per Secretary Clinton are simply a test tube for what will happen here during the next year and a half.

Never have I seen a leader use class warfare like Obama.  He is starting early on his Billion dollar campaign because he is afraid he will not have time to complete his agenda, the implementation of his fathers desires for land reform. 

Presidents have always been the protectors of the American people.  This one seems to be encouraging class warfare.  Threaten, divide, march, shout, raise hell and meet at the highest levels with organizers of the various Unions to add conflict and blood to terrorize and free their concept of the oppressed.  Stalin and Lenin were wrong,

We are not the Soviets, we are capitalists, we are a Republic.  People are the glue that holds together the ideals of the 1700's, the binding for us as a people.  Despite the horrors used in speeches we will survive as a people...Obama is our first test.  

I say, language is important, speak up whether you agree with me or not.  What is the true condition of our country as described by us.  There are about 7,000,000 people unemployed so who really is the under dog. I do not want class warfare we are all Americans, but I remain afraid that some want Revolution.

The tax roles, money taken in by the IRS will be marginal, less than previous years, because too many people are unemployed and will not owe taxes.

I've digressed, God Bless America and all of us no matter our station or our financial burdens, burdens that have been made onerous by this Administration. 

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