Monday, May 23, 2011

Israel, Tornados, Floods, Death, Destruction and a trip to Ireland

So it seems our President is also an Irishman.  Congratulations, who knew that people have intermarried for years between races and cultures so that today's ethnicity is actually less a concept or perception of race as an origin of DNA but rather a product of/and the end result of the love passed from the past to the modern world.

I can't wait for the State Dinner with the Obamas' (That is if He brought Michelle with him.) and the Queen of England.  I wonder if he knows her father imprisoned Obama's father through Churchill, or at least that seems to be the story.  I wonder since he seems quite capable of cutting Israel off at the knees will he toast the Queen by throwing his champagne into the poor dears face; and as the wine slides to the floor singing out, "VIVA la revolution Papa."

I watched Obama give his speech to AIPAC what a joke the leader of the free world was grey as he read from the teleprompter, never the less he said what he needed to, "Israel must defend itself."  Poor Palestinians have no homeland...we must support and help them...he also identified the missile program we had sold to tell me do the spies of the world know the dynamics of these systems.  Ah the knife of deceit can be so sharp.

This President is so self centered that he travels when we in the United States the Country He was elected to protect suffers: from Farm flooding, an F4 tornado, unemployment at an official level of 9% and an unofficial level of perhaps 15%.  Our Dollar is plunging and we are almost in ruins and where people have lost fortunes earned over a lifetime.  He doesn't need to kiss the Blarney Stone to speak golden words so he left early, dust cloud be damned

My sister said I should hold in my contempt for Washington D.C. because there is an underground, so I've moderated my words tonight.  You see I have a Muezzin nailed to my door frame with pride....


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