Friday, December 17, 2010

Really, You Give and Then I Give. Nonsense!

Bi-Partisanship, isn't it interesting that one would call for this when those who have controlled the dialogue for the past two years have at last been weakened so badly they are begging for the unity they refused to offer when they were in the majority.  Of course they are asking for this to keep themselves viable.  If we don't agree to their demands and forget and forgive their vile behavior over the past two years they will wander in their private/public desert of anger and contempt.

I say call them out, let them understand that "Elections Have Consequences!" as they have so consistently informed the Republican Party and the American People on numerous occasions. The Progressives, Moderates and Liberals, perhaps of both parties will scream to the Washington Post and the New York Times that those Conservatives on the Hill, who hold true to the concept of a strong America are "Hostage takers," "barriers to saving the common man or villains who wish to protect "Millionaires and Billionaires" at the expense of the American People by a political party that excels in deceit and subterfuge...i.e the Senator from Hawaii who developed the Omnibus Budget recently removed from the floor.

These vocal advocates of the leveling of society can only blame their loss of leadership, in both houses on the result of their insincerity, and the accumulation of their empty, angry, insulting words spoken, so we could hear them words that doomed them and meant nothing but wind blowing from an empty mouth.

We've lived for two years and our trust in those we elect to Congress has been weakened.  It seems to me we have lost a sense of us.  It seems that during the years of prosperity the American people became blind to the machinations of the Progressive and Moderate elements of Government. We focused on our insular lives rather than the state that gave us prosperity.

These elected guardians of America and it's people have grown rich and fat at our expense and our neglect of oversight made us enablers.  But now we are watching.  We've been damaged by the Democrats, our fortunes have evaporated under their watch.  While it seems to me the fat cats in government have suffered no financial losses.  Shame on them and shame on us for not watching!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Elephant is in the Room!

Isn't it interesting that a new 1,900 page budget for the Federal Government appeared under The Wicked Witch of the West, AKA Harry Reid of Nevada's, last toot in the finish line of his diminished leadership.  That is if you can accept he isn't working against the American People's desire for restraint in the budget process.  And believe he isn't seeking revenge.

Harry distributed over 1,900 pages of budget detail just when his Senate leadership has been eroded and the Liberals in the Senate have been rebuked and thrown to the curb in hopes of fiscal restraint.  Surely the Majority Leader Harry Reid should be tinted green, a la 'Over the Rainbow,' he should hope the House with the elephant in the room will save him from the fire of public opinion by rejecting this budget and they will oppose him until January 4, 2011 by continuing to put road blocks towards his other unacceptable ideas from becoming the law of the land. Only in that way can he be viable again, if ever.

I don't know about you but I think that perhaps the elephants in the House and the Senate need to stampede. They need to push a few Progressive and Liberal members of the Congress aside and stop them from taking their last gasp of air, legislatively speaking.  The Elephants should immediately put to an end the kamakazie spending these fools have occurred during the past two years.

Harry Reid, I believe is not a satisfactory nor stable leader.  If he stood in front of me I would ask him, "Why, when you are in a position of leadership you don't recognize that after the tumult of the elections, American's don't want what you are trying to push through the Senate and yet you continue on the same destructive path?" 

I think he refuses to believe that we, the American people have spoken through our electoral process.  He refuses to accept we have said to him and those people in Congress that we don't want last minute legislation or a dream list of initiatives passed without debate or even without enough time to read the proposed legislation.  I am tired of hearing about spur of the moment legislation, aren't you?

Now America, watch the Republican Legislators, on which side are they going to fall?  Is it on the side of less spending or on the side of business as usual.  At this point, only the Elephants know for sure.

I would not be adverse to making the Minority Party in the House silent.  I do believe in the old Biblical Laws of an "Eye for an Eye"...perhaps in November 2012, the Democrat Party will have then learned some humility.  God knows I believe they need it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

OMG! Is it True, is Clinton our New Spokesperson?

Today I saw our President appear on camera with the red faced President Clinton...Sad isn't it that a man we elected, needs to rely on another person from the past to express his position?  Why did our current President, Obama, approach Clinton and ask him to participate in a White House news conference?  Obama looked bored and bemused during the briefing today meant to maintain a tax that would have expired in January?

Why couldn't our current President lead us himself.  Is he so powerless he couldn't silence the Democratic outburst himself.  I have heard as an additional National insult that P didn't allow those who'd been defeated in November's election to participate with the remaining Leftists in her Caucus.  Perhaps I'm wrong.  You know during Clinton's election we were told we would get two.  How true today we saw an Ideologue standing beside a camera hog.

They said he (Clinton) spoke for 30 minutes; How nice!  But did he really say anything?  I don't know because the press was so pleased to have him en camera they didn't pass on the content of his speech.

Ah!  Poor Ms. Clinton.  She poor dear, wanders about the world on diplomatic travels...We see her on the scrolling lines at the bottom of the news or films that are fillers showing her walking off an airplane, or shaking hands, or perhaps sitting on flocked fabrics.

Do you wonder like I do that there never seems to be any positive outcome from her visits in the trouble spots of the World.  It seems to me there is never anything successful, or substantive outcomes identified in news reports describing the World changes from all of the meetings she attends.  I wonder if all the gasoline she distributes is worth the cost.

I would like to weigh in on Wiki links and their expose, perhaps they are good, maybe they will shake up our media to see that expose is still the thing the American people are hidden from.  His journalism perhaps makes him a contemporary of the reporters of Water Gate?   Why does today's media hide all of the lies and corruption we see and perhaps they can too?  Do they hope that what is hidden will never be exposed to the open air.

Perhaps we should not accept the common behavior of our intelligentsia, our diplomats, as seen in the recent distribution of painful information.  I hate hearing the contents from the White Papers of our professional representatives containing such crude language describing our allies and friends, even of those whom we wish to win over.  I thought White Papers were sacred.  What has happened?.  Our National voice around the world appears to be course.  Understand that negative descriptions of our diplomatic contemporaries is vulgar and has no place in the congress of Ladies and Gentlemen in the diplomatic circle.

The dumps simply add to the worry I have about the future...especially with these idiots in charge...don't you?

The Pencil Pusher: OMG! Is it True, is Clinton our New Spokesperson?

The Pencil Pusher: OMG! Is it True, is Clinton our New Spokesperson?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Forget Bipartenaship

Today was a horrible day, not because of the new jobless rates(of course that should be enough.)  I saw our President in a leather jacket in Afghanistan and I thought he didn't look well.  His doctors need to pay more attention to the strain he is under.

I saw the other night on the news that the President met with the leaders of the new House and a marginalized Senate.  Usually he sits at the head of the table, with a plaque on the wall over his head, but for this one he sat in the middle of the table to show, body language wise, collegiality.  What a Rube.

Poor Beinor and McConnell they were placed at his left positioned at the outer fringe of the table.  He didn't have to look at them.  I saw this and wondered why Beinor and McConnell weren't positioned opposite him to indicate a discussion, or why there was so much space between Pelosi the President, Reid and the opposition party as the President loves to call us.  Unfortunately I know why he did this.  He hoped to show the new majority in the House and the fortified senate how he could marginalized the outcome of the elections, a visual concession to pacify the uber Left.

Having been in meetings that were contentious I recognized the symbols and actions for intimidation.  It is called jockeying, who has more muscle, even if you only weigh eighty pounds  a person can still visually or aurally triumph.

I can say only this, don't be misled the Democrats vindictive and nonsensical excuses.  They have lost the confidence of the American people.   Simply because we have triumphed in the elections doesn't mean we will be successful.  Pelosi and those who worship her hold no love for us they are bonded to their progressive agenda and there is no compromise with them. 

For the next few years this is a fight that we have to have and we should take no prisoners in the Halls of Congress.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Musings From the Front Porch

I was sitting on the front porch with my glass of lemonade, with a shot of my favorite sour mash bourbon.  I had my feet up and the fan was squeaking overhead, harassing the bugs.

I suddenly had a thought about this past election and something I for one think needs to be addressed.  That is cleaning the voter rolls.  I hear "Oh we found 800 ballots that haven't been counted."  How is it that the citizens of a State pass an amendment to have the name of the write in spelled correctly and have a politico say "We need to count them on the basis of intent, what the heck happened to "We the People."

How does anyone know what their intent was unless they can ask them, which they can't.  I thought with all the misspellings that perhaps the voters didn't want to vote for Miller and didn't want to vote for Merkokwsy.  Perhaps they misspelled her name because they knew their misspelling of the name would invalidate their vote if State Law were followed.

You know like a "None of the Above" vote.

Its time now to look at the laws and those identified as voters in each state to eliminate felons, illegals, dead people, duplicates, or people who have moved out of state or voting precincts and where there are more peopple Registered to Vote than there are in the jurisdiction.

Surely there have been enough suspicious voter counts to have the 600+ new members of State Government to approve and follow a purging of the voter rolls.

So I sit musing, wondering what if they did then I remember I'm always being told each vote must count.  As they say in some areas of the Country, "Vote Early and Vote Often!"

I finished my lemonade and need another, will write soon....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is Free Speech Anymore?

As many of you know I try to state what I see.  Today was a seminal moment or as they say change is in the air.  But will the change be a capital C or a small c..  I think the major seekers of a new World Order fashioned on the failed ideologies of the European Anarchists that this government and his Czars are trying to implement will fail.  This is not the time to follow the Great Leap Forward or for Americans to emerge as silly copies of the Red Shirts, the Brown Shirts or for us to carry the little Red Book.

I loved hearing that the Billionaire Hedge Fund operative finally rose from the bank vault where he lives.  We cannot allow him to collapse our currency,  He destroys money by betting, kind of like cattle futures but more sophisticated.

Today I believe a mistake was made.  The big s in a fit, openly sent his dollars out onto the playing field, thirteen days before the most important election since the twenties... the dollars are meant to pay for over a hundred journalists.  In addition it seems another project of his, the Tides Foundation has given a substantial amount of money to Arriana, Hey Reid, Pelosi, Beynor investigate this contract.

I have often disagreed with Juan Williams when he spoke on television, I enjoyed his passion, I thought he was often misguided.  But I respected his opinions.  I was surprised when he expressed popular sentiment about the fact that the terrorists who slammed into the Twin Towers were Radical Muslims.  He was correct, it doesn't matter if they are Saudi, Yemeni, Javanese, Somali.  The thing that binds them as a murderous group is their interpretation of the Koran.

Take a deep breath, this reality does not condemn Islam or the Koran.  It isolates the radicals. They, the fanatics, the young and impressionable ones who step into a Mosque, an airport, a girls school or a restaurant.  A group of impressionable people, who do not understand us and are blinded by angry words.  We are not evil, we have tried to share our success. 

These innocents are led by a small party of aging zealots.  They are teens and young adults who step before a camera and tell us they want us dead, then pop a few pills and travel to a selected target to detonate, to kill themselves and never know what their death meant or what it changed.

Why is it the bearded leaders, the gray beards don't show the younger ones how to die in the name of their cause.   Let them strap on the sticks, the C4, let them show the young what it means to believe.  They can't.  I think it is no longer about the Koran but rather who is the King Maker in the Middle East.

Is it the dusty person in the cave, or is it the Mullah, could it be the president of a country or a king.  Who can step forward and give his or her people, a country at peace.  Is it the drug lord, the politician, the war lord, stay tuned Obama will let us know.
Anyway...God bless free speech and the Constitution that allows me to blog and say what I believe without Government approval or oversight.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Obama, Pelosi, Reed Defend Your Positions

Never before have the followers of radical ideologies been more prevalent than today.  October 2, 2010 was a prime example of non-Constitutional entities gathered on the Mall in Washington, D.C.  These rebels stood in front of the camera, brazen examples of how far the socialist movements has taken over a sleeping America.  Wake up look around you, listen to the parsed words and react at the ballot box.

The Democratic party has been trying to make this election a local affair.  Hoping to give breathing room to Obama.  It has failed.  Do you want to have a global governance.  The Greek Guy, I think he's Greek, anyway he's a transplant to America.  He's here to manipulate our currency, among other reasons for choosing the USA.

I may be mistaken but Soros(Our President's best friend and economic adviser) is apparently the one who killed the British pound,  He has now focused on the dollar...Beware.  Our president and I use the small letter on purpose is a Fascist.  Give him another two years under Pelosi and Reed and a Liberal majority and we are doomed.

Elect true conservatives not RINO's (Republicans in Name Only) or Blue Dog's or committed liberals.  Another two years without Legislative and Judicial control over this President and his Czars, will be the end of this Republic.  He dances through the Constitution, daring the American People to challenge him.

Step to the polls, the Democratic leadership is trying to make this a local election, focused on local issues.  True we have those, but understand if you accept this mindset then you are blind to what is happening on the Federal and International level.  

States rights and the rule of law in this Country are under a major attack by Progressives, yes they are a force with a capital letter.  If you doubt me look at the tapes of 10/2/10 see the radicals dance because they are so close to their goal.  We have administrators and unconfirmed Czars deciding the interpretation of laws the Congress has passed... led by two vain glorious people and their minions.

Harsh words but I truly believe we are at the end of a cycle.  Conceptual ideologies of the elites in our universities are now in a position to implement their textbooks.   

Theory is theory.  How many of us with College Degrees have learned that a theory is not the real world of our chosen field.  How many of us suddenly seen that our grand, smart professors were children in the wood.  Book smart yes, real life no.

Vote for the people who will truly follow an anti Obama agenda... don't be fooled by the silk tongued...look to your neighbor, tell them this election is important.

God bless and protect the United States.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So, Lies Are The Truth Now

Robert Woodard is a reporter he investigates political chicanery.  I knew he was around, God bless him.  I understand he has a new book, I wish him success.  It seems he has had access to the members of Obama's administration, access to listen and note on his pad words he heard, or those on paper or tape with the full blessing of our leaders and their underlings who spoke on the record and will suffer no repercussions.

Strange, isn't it.  We are still in two wars in the Middle East, yet Secretary Gates (sp)will not denounce, nor will any other high level bureaucrat say I slipped this reporter this information to him and this is why.

I would like Americans to have a sheet of paper by their remote and tic off the number of times this administration's bright lights tell the people a lie.  The President did it today when he said his administration had given more money to help those with AIDS.

In fact the largest increase to AIDS funding was with George W. Bush.  Lies have become the truth by sound bite, lies by camera and of the moment's need.  These slick politicians think we are too stupid to check information.  No we're not.  We have been conditioned to rely on others to filter the truth, but not today many of us see the pattern.

Now we are in a crisis of truth, it is time we stood on our own two feet and checked information that is so glibly thrown at the camera or the teleprompter as fact.  Lies by those Democrat Progressives who have ruled for more than 40 years minus or plus the 8 years the Republicans served as the majority during those decades. 

Our President is not alone in bending the truth.  Look to the laws that have been passed by the Democratic party with Obama.  Career politicians with no other option in the real world desperately ignore facts or bypass the truth during their sound bites.  Look and see how they avoid Health Care, trade bills and other killing bills they pushed down our throats during their reelection campaigns. 

I am pleased so many people are abandoning Obama and returning to Harvard, yet I fear that they will carry their message  of American economic destruction to their classrooms. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bless You Outspoken Lady!

I heard several supporters of this administration speak out negatively today.  Thank you for that.  However, I was absolutely impressed by a woman who took our President to task.  She said what she thought about her current life.  She complained to the most important person in the political word, our President, of her fears about the affects of his policies.

Standing before the microphone, without sheets of paper, she challenged him to his face.  Something we can not do.  When she expressed that she was tired of protecting him, he smiled, probably expecting another compliment.  It did not come.  She told Obama that she and her husband never thought they would be confronted with cans of beans and hot dogs at this time in their life.  She asked him straight to his this the new reality?  Some would think this is a negative question, something the main stream media is reluctant to do.

It isn't.  This is central to the thoughts of the American People.  We will never have an answer because the media has abandoned us.  I forgive them because they are innocent victims of their time; they have been taught by their professors that the ideals they share with Obama are the wave of the future.  I believe they have been corrupted their ideals have been inculcated and twisted through the process of learning.  The media has become a collection of aging elitists.  Those in government and the press think we the common folk are idiots because we do not embracing the ideals of the Soviets, Maoists, Leninist, fascists who sit around Obama's governing table.. 
Could it be that we remember these outdated philosophies from our childhood.  Ideals that those of us who have lived through world wars and seen the effect of  philosophies the world has rejected.  Ideals and concepts of political evolution we have had to fight against. 

Two years ago we made a mistake.We did not listen to the spoken word, he laied everything out.  We did not hear the words behind the words, we made a mistake.  The children born and educated today are being raised in the artificial reality of dreamers; they are being raised under the direction of perverted educators.  Educators that espouse the ideals that we reject each time they appear.  They are always presented and sold as a panecia a place of light in a dark world.  It seems these ideas never seem to go away.

The young of today do not seem to understand that what is verbalized in a class room is not necessarily the truth.  I believe that is why this administration focuses on our children.  This President doesn't read stories to children sitting on the floor.  He gives speeches to the young using teleprompters. 

This President has a little more than two years left before his administration becomes history.  Vote your conscience on November 2nd.  Vote for a release from text books and professors in the White House.  Theory is simply theory, a good thing to argue over but not something you want to live by.

 Thank you, Ma'am, courageous Lady.  I do not know your name but you have made me grateful that there are still people who have access to this President, willing to speak out and tell our President the truth.    ,

I love and respect your courage.  Unfortunately this lady will probably lose her job.  But her courage can perhaps place her as a strong voice of those of us, who have worked hard and tried to be good citizens, like her. 


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Did the Democrat Leadership Know and When?

The other day was unusual. I watched the news to hear the results of the primary elections to identify those who will battle on November 2, 2010.  As a side note I despise the amount of money that is being spent. I don't understand why we can't go back and undo the 17th amendment and allow those whom we select for State Government to choose those who represent us in Washington. What is wrong with that?

Just think of all the money that would be saved on television ads alone.  We would still have a say about who is sent to Washington through the election of  local and state officials.  More importantly we would eliminate Federal Congressional members from whittling a space for them to have life long career for themselves.  Eliminating this amendment would mean we wouldn't be burdened by legislators who pump out their chest and say "I've been here for Forty years.  Or others who choose to ridicule us during Town Halls if we dared to speak out, or legislators who actually ignore us all together as the current congress has done.  Shame on them."

I was watching television the other night and the commentator lined up chess pieces. He went one by one and delineated the powers of each. He cited the Bishop, the Rook, the Knight and the Tower as people who advise the President. Then he identified within this administration and close to the President who are socialists and anarchists within this special group.  He also pointed out, "You've not heard me identify the King and Queen as Obama and Michelle. He whispered, "They are pawns." Could he have marginalized this president any more forcefully?

Suddenly I understood something that I had not understood.  The commentator's words made sense.  Perhaps this President doesn't control the Government or those whom he has selected to govern with him.  Where is his stamp on any of the legislation that has been sent forward?  Or for that matter what did he contribute to the content of any major legislation he proposes?  He has never been able to explain content.

Could it be that it doesn't matter to him, its all empty policy and he has no personal interest. He steps between two Teleprompters and echos the words written for him.   According to Lady P. and Wannabe again R; legislation can hit their desk and they are duty bound to push it forward, we the great unwashed can read it after passage and be so impressed by the content that we will send up rockets and  dance in the streets.  NOT!

The bills passed by this Congress that is about to end and led by P and H has been dangerous, they have undermined the constitution and all reason.  I hear 50 billion and 30 billion as if they are simply numbers and not actual money.  This president thinks his check book is unlimited.  It is time for him to find out that his signature has to be preserved for signing Holiday Proclamations alone.

When have the American people ever said that we will accept a bill passed by the Congress that is to be filled in later by someone who does not answer to the people through their Congressional Representatives.

I remember when Czars were initiated.  They were not cabinet members and had no authority.  However now I think these people have no accountability and huge levels of authority that can impact on the American People.  These Czars operate outside the Constitution and have no obligation to anyone especially those we send to congress, and I would assume not even to the President him self. 

As a citizen I would question if these appointments are constitutionally legal.  I would question how are they paid, What are their job descriptions, what are the instructions they've been given and what are the expectations the President has outlined for their work, do they sit above the Secretaries of the President's Cabinet, what is the extent of their power, what limits have been set to control them and lastly who has precedence the Czar or the Congress?ho

My sister told me today that I am an ob er conservative, yes I am and I'm proud of it because I hope that my questions and words will help others to see what is happening to the United State today.  Thank you and God Bless.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Imperial Presidency

Do you remember Nixon...He too had grand designs on those who lived in the United States...Like the man in the White House today.

This charming man, Nixon, laughingly created a uniform for the palace guards (The palace being the W.H.) for those of you who hadn't been born yet, the uniforms had bright golden buttons, blue jackets with cravats and blue trousers with red stripes down the outside of the leg. Their hats had gold braid and patent leather bills with a blue serge crown.

Pretty impressive. Except the American people rebelled against this feudalism. Our papers the New York Times, the grandfather of all papers known for the truth in their articles, and the impartiality of their correspondents. This paper was known world wide for the depth of their analysis and commentary, not so today. They have succumbed to the level of "Tell me and I'll put it in tomorrow, verbatim.

Next month the First Lady leaves for Spain with 40 others and surprise, without the President. You would think that they could keep their marriage balanced for at least 4 years, but then perhaps not. They too are subjected to the stresses many families share. Differences in ideology, college instructors, books read. You get my drift, they may suffer from a clash of ideas. I should think their dinner table is quite interesting. I always loved the combat of ideas.

Of course their discussions are so above ours. We deal with Mortgage payments, Dentists, "you lay around all day, get a job.", disruption of families by encroaching inability to secure our future because we are told Jobs are there yet we can't find them.

Unfortunately the President is naive Hell Bent on imposing these ice palaces in the sky on a Nation. Ours, us! We in this time and place have been chosen to prove or disprove the concept of Utopia from the sixties.

I remember that a few years ago I'd heard that the Congress and the Court system could become irrelevant. I thought no we are a Nation of laws and then this Democratic Congress comes along and proves me wrong, they give unelected heads of agencies the power to decide the framework of the laws that govern us.

Poor sad, old men, owners of 7 million dollar boats, rent controlled apartments, millions in the bank, options that they set in place knowing they would prosper. Options that made them, rich richer and richest. The true elites.

So my friend do you think I am off the mark? We are no longer governed we are RULED. You know I was happy that our President had a darker skin color than mine. I am sorry that no one in the media or the Democratic Party choose to show us who he was. They knew his mind set, yet they chose to hide this dangerous man.

As a citizen I didn't look into his soul and see the anger and the meaning of his words, he told us what he wanted to do and so many people didn't understand the truth of what he said because we are so use to the silver tongues of our representatives in the halls of the Legislature that we can no longer recognize truth.

We vote for someone because he or she has the beauty of form and face. Because the leading light of a party posses the gift of speech, they are charismatic. Magic words of safety and compassion for us. Words flow from their mouths. Enough, I have learned. One bad apple and I am exhausted, consumed by fear. I listen and feel we are betrayed each and every day by our fine friends in the Congress.

So now my dears, as I've said, I am tired and have to go to bed. Tomorrow I'll wake up and listen again to the words that describe the downfall of this country by people who have Imperial designs, either by way of costumes or the richness of politicians misguided political philosophies.

November, 2011 and November, 2012 can't come soon enough to rid our halls of government from the self seekers, the playboys with too much money and not enough wisdom and return it to the people who have a soft spot for America.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hate and Those Who Spread It

So, today I saw the news. It seems an elected official of the great state of which ever hadn't heard of the fire and brimstone speech of a leader of the Shebaz family. A speech of hate and destruction from a member of a minor fundamentalist ideology. The speaker of these words is a New Black Panther person.

Anyway, this congressional person had no idea Shebaz (It seems this is a collective family name) called for the destruction of cracker whites and babies. I refuse to believe this member of congress hadn't heard anything about this Panther's hate speech. If its true that the government official didn't know, then he should not finish out his term. A man that ignorant shouldn't hold the reins of government for a moment longer. Why is it that a man at the pinnacle of power doesn't even read a newspaper, as thin as they are today. Now for the hate speech itself.

Black Panthers, do I fault them because they seek my death? No! Never. I believe they are confused. They have been scalded by the self seeking representatives who have kept them captive with the dialogue of, "You'd be further along in life and the treasures that life holds if the white devil hadn't kept you in the lock and key of slavery. These New Masters of anger say you have never been allowed to succeed in your own God given right. The Whites have held you back. Personally I don't think I've done that to anyone. If I did I didn't mean to.

I see this tension from another direction, I'd say, the men and women at the apex of the organizations founded to help black progress have grown fat and happy at the expense of those they say they represent. Look at these paragons of civil rights. They have diamonds on fingers, smooth skin, fancy clothes, cars, even helicopters. They have seats in congress, on boards of commerce and are the heads of churches. All the while they stir us up saying that the white man is out to destroy the man of color. They point their fingers and raise their voices to make us cower. They cry into the microphones that racists are everywhere. Are they? Is racial injury as bad as they say?

I say these paragons of racial strife are trying to keep the sixties and racism alive because that time and those philosophies are their bread and butter of trade. Enough, we the American people are Black, African, Spanish, Irish, English, Scottish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, French, German any combination of the world's geopolitical spheres.

We live, we breathe, we produce children, we seek peace, have homes and love those who are important to us. Why is it that the hate of people who live off hate cause the world so much strife. There should be no room for hate in this world. Each man or woman is responsible for the way they are greeted by others, if you are friendly, friends will surround you, If you hate or are angry you will attract anger like a lode stone.

I fear for US, I have intentionally used the abbreviation for the United States because that is our country. I fear for US because I am hearing so much hate and division, not brought on by national movements, but by out of date organizations and socialist political forces that have their hand out to collect from us while they throw hate speech, and say they are only repeating our speech; when nothing could be further from the truth.

Think, my friends, why is it necessary for us to to listen to the voices that are amplified, from persons of power who mean to sway us, to make us angry only to add coins to their pockets. Do we need to really listen to people who give hate speech from the podiums of power. Why is it that 48 years after Martin Luther King they say America is no better. I say because these harbingers of hate and racism can't allow racial strife to die. They intend to make sure that people, Black as well as White will never move beyond the mid eighteen hundreds.

You've heard what they say. Why is it that in two thousand and ten those in power still see the devil of race still in the shadows. Because that is their bread basket, that's why.

This is my opinion, I've marched, I've built and I still believe we are one, creatures of God and bonded with one another no matter our skin color. Thank you for reading my attempt to procure racial unity.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Professor Kagen Has to be Sent Packing. And other things

Professor Kagen needs to go! She has said enough for me to understand that she would be bad for the Supreme Court. She tells us, "Silly me. I'm not a Progressive, I'm a Democratic." Yes I am in tune with the Constitution but could you explain what do you mean by, "Does the Commerce Regulations permit Congress to create a law that will require people to eat vegetables." Kagen hemmed and hawed and then said Senator,I don't understand. Yup, a wonderful jurist.

Today an elected official, from the broke State of California, made snide comments about today's Minute Men. He suggested that they kill people. I believe the only people who died at the hand of a Minute Man were the British, way back when, I believe it happened in the latter part of the eighteenth century.

Our President, the most powerful man in the Country, ragged on the Minority Leader Boenor today after he'd met with him and the opposition party the day before. (Opposition Party, code for Republicans). Guess the meeting wasn't productive. What the Hell, why should it have been?

It seems politics of personal destruction are alive and well. The worst President since the old peanut man cannot justify his administration's responses, his directives, his mistakes. Instead he redirects everything away from himself and onto a convenient target. Yo' man doesn't work!

My Friend Ron, has been unemployed for over a year and a half. Do they understand what a strain on a relationship that is? The members of the majority have millions at their fingertips, what do they know about the pain of unemployment? Even if they lose their seats in government they are assured of being absorbed in a nifty job by the moneyed class.

Yes, our Government is the new elite. They swing to McCartney. Shortly after the election our President appeared on camera at a party in the White House. He selected his costume. He appeared as a pimp, including a gold money sign hanging from his neck. Yeah, he was a street man! I won't say what the First Lady was dressed as. I think his costume glorified the drug culture. But then who am I?

Our President talks, talks, talks. Rather, I think I should say he Reads Reads, Reads. The gulf coast is about to be buried under a coating of oil. Where are the enlightened media, the Environmentalists the Protectors of the coasts the ones who have made it their life's work to stop the advancement of the American People and our energy supply. Here we have a disaster in the gulf and they are not just avoiding they are silent. Boo, Hiss.

The ones who say they are on the cutting edge of technology are allowing this destruction of an ecosystem to happen. Cry shallow people, cry for our turtles our birds our jobs. Cry louder, the Government isn't listening to you. The damage of 70 days of an oil spill doesn't raise the hue and cry of the activists. Why hasn't it? Isn't what they see in person enough?

No I guess not. Apparently the American people do not have a voice with Jimmie Jr.

But I bet the environmentalist do! Guys you have hitched your pony to the wrong cart, or perhaps you are in league! History records the essence of Time. These times are an aberration, nothing done, nothing sacred. Understand History does judge those who are prominent. Thankfully History will examine the decisions that are made to confront this disaster.

The words history records lay out the Sins of those who lead during crisis. I pray in the future people will marvel at the shallowness of those who laid down the frame work for today's disaster both in government and the gulf.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Rule of Law

BP is responsible for the oil spill, they acknowledge their responsibilities. It is another terrible tragedy for the Gulf Coast States. However, I never thought that I would see private enterprise subjected to so much vindictiveness by our politicians. Senator Waxman called for his committee to investigate before anyone could possibly have fully investigated the causes, then chastises the BP COO for saying he wants to wa9it to see what the reviews will say about the disaster.

Again our Congress steps in before the evaluations are over. Here we have a disaster and the old people in Congress are trying their best to appear knowledgeable, yet they simply appear bombastic. Our Congress is old. Too many grandfathers. Waxman expected to seal the destruction of an oil enterprise, buried in Congressional hyperbole, thank God the British sense of Honor kicked in.

We are in an era where our President and his allies seem to be waiting for some one to challenge them in the courts. He has fined BP out of the jurisdiction of the courts. He and His have assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner with the business world.

Don't let him, or them push us into what is hurtful to a society that believes in free enterprise. If you relax the protection of every ones Constitutional Rights then you will lose them for all of us.

I believe, this Administration is positioning itself to march over the laws, trample the foundations and concepts of the rule of law and a three tier structure of government we have lived by. That is governance by the Administrative Branch of Government, the Legislative Branch and the Congressional branch each with distinct responsibilities. This separation has held us together for over 200+ years as a Nation.

I am very afraid for America. No one seems to be protecting us from a government that wants to absorb the businesses of this great country. We have seen Unions become stock holders, stock holder become holders of worthless paper. Why?

Where is the ACLU, our freedom fighters, where are the reporters who want a scoop.
Where are the Corporate Lawyers, the paid representatives of business. Where is the mass outcry, where are the people trained in the Law who can stop this massive takeover. Why is it that employment stats show government is the fastest growing segment of the job market and not the private sector. Are we all destined to wear the charcoal gray of uniforms on our way to work?

I fear the answer. Why? Because that is Obama's hope and change, the dismantling of what has been the most productive Nation in the World since Rome, Greece, all of the advanced societies from which we have taken their ideals to heart. We have had the luxury to explore science. We have explored the heavens, given our technology and our money and our children to the world so that they can share in the benefits of a free society.

Today we confront a philosophy we are not sensitive to. We are not as sophisticated as those who stand with their chests touching ours. Intimidation is wrong, no matter how important the chest thinks it is. Whether it it is in the Boardroom or the white House, laws govern us not the fist or the boot, nor a President's silly anger.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is He In Charge?

So our kick ass President has attempted to become angry. Since when has kicking ass or anger resolved anything? I suspect the recent actions and words of this President prove he doesn't realize he is at the top of the food chain in these United States.

During the recent BP episode he chose to delay a personal or government response. He remained silent. Except to stand before a teleprompter and tell the Nation he was in charge and had been engaged since day one. This statement opened the federal Government to law suits. "He was in Charge." Yes, Mr. President you are the face of the government, the spokesperson, the elected head of this Constitutional Government. Your actions tell the American people what advice you are given and your response reflects those whom you rely upon.

I am disturbed by your lack of decisiveness. I have never heard a President exclaim, in public, the gutter speech that you recently issued. Your words can be compared to the Trojan Horse. A benign figure full of air. In America our President does not put his boots on any ones throat. We respect and work with the private sector. We do not condemn companies because of an accident, nor does our government kick the private sector's ass to show strength.

I have yet to reconcile the fact that in the past year 70% of out economy has been swallowed by the government. When did lies become news? I hear figures that I laugh at. Since when has 0.8% growth for employment become something to celebrate? Is BP and the oil industry your next target? Is it your intention that they be added to the government profile?

Sir, you have shown a propensity to damage our friends and play up to our enemies. I wonder are you a closet antisemitic. I ask why you celebrated the end of Ramadan and yet did not celebrate Passover at the White House.

Why don't you celebrate Our Lord Christ in a local church in Washington, D.C.? You've said your attendance would be disruptive, yet other Presidents have relied on our Christian Lord in a weekly church service. Does your Indonesian roots and the early training you received in the Madrases stop you from displaying to the Muslim world your true faith?

You have chosen to surround yourself with angry people. I ask you to look at these people again. Do their philosophies correspond with yours? These are dangerous people, much smarter than you and exquisitely more patient.

You need to travel the road of reason. Now that you have the power to impact on the lives of 250,000,000 people, and have been elected into the highest position in the land; don't you question why everything is collapsing. Why is it that so many people can't find work? Have you asked for the root cause of the collapse of the housing market from those in a position to answer? Have you asked for the true cause of the collapse of Wall Street from those who were ruined, to add to the comments you've received from bureaucrats?

Understand we, the American People may be slow to anger, but we vote. Understand we have given you the mantle of government but every four years we can snatch it away. I worry about the future for my children and their children and those that follow them. I believe our generation is facing what persecuted peoples faced in the 1930's. Sir, you stand between us and ruin. I pray God will help us.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Fourth Estate

Enough. I was listening to a commentator the other day and I heard him laugh at something he'd read.

I heard this person say, "Ho! Ho! They've got it wrong again." I've heard this laughter at media bias before and suddenly I realized there is something we as a people. can do. I think our answer to the problem of new's bias is to add another dimension to the Tea Party Movement.

We meet and carry signs, we stand as sentinels against Constitutional abuse, living testaments to the birth of our nation. Our Country is composed of those who have escaped other Countries of repression. We are the children of people who left behind the religious persecutions, where their voices were never heard. We are the descendants of those who wanted a better place to raise our families, removed from under the thumb of the World's repressive societies and leaders.

We came to America and said "No more!" We wanted to be free. To accomplish this, we fought and died in forests and in towns but we prevailed. We are not Europe and for over two hundred years we set ourselves apart from them.

We are a Constitutional Representative Government. Our leaders s are not Kings, Dictators, or Despots. No we send those who represent us to the Executive and Legislative branches of government every 2, 4 or 6 years.

I won't say how we have been betrayed by our representatives, but I will suggest a way to make sure the Media, the Fourth Estate might pay more attention to the truths of their positions.

The Media which has given me the inspiration to write this Post, is dead. Employers and employees of Television, Radio age and Print News Media have sold their souls. They no longer report news as it truly is. They rely on Faxes,other reporters, source interviews and imposed Progressive movement filters.

People ask what can I do? I believe there is an answer. I would suggest that we stop laughing and shrugging our shoulders. Don't give the print media room to wiggle. If you believe they have misstated the facts then let them know, defend your position. I think this applies to both sides of the Political argument.

Challenge those who you believe are wrong. Correct in what ever form you choose to those who insert personal opinions in non opinion news. Make these purveyor of News report their work as the impartial witnesses of events that are supposed to be.

These reporters are central to understanding what is happening around us. They are the ones on the front line. It's through their ready access to our leaders, the news makers, the ones who capture our evolving history on tape and paper. They interpret what they hear and give us their opinions. If they get it wrong. Don't laugh, challenge their reporting.

I remember when news was filtered prior to the Eighties. Until then we only heard the official line. Then like a breath of spring some one said on the radio, what I had always thought and felt. At that moment, I was freed from institutional dogma.

I laughed, I cried, I yelled at the radio in agreement. At last someone else shared my opinions.

Now comes the change. We are not alone. I really wasn't alone then and I'm not alone now. Read your paper, listen to commentators and react. Send the editors and producers of mainstream media Faxes, letters, e-mails. Expose their biases. Let them know you read the words they print and listen to the words they say. Tell them enough! Keep up the pressure. Expose the truth to those who will not hear.

Tell them, over and over again, to report facts, don't let them put the reporter's opinion in the news they are reporting. The Fourth Estate is biased and has to be brought to heel. When they aren't balanced, tell them. Explain to them why they are wrong. Inundate the media with the truth and force them to listen.

We've lost our innocence. We can't laugh at them anymore. We can't say they got it wrong, and accept it because that's who they are. America is in the process of transition. We have to take on the main stream media let them know the American People are alive and well.

Send you letters, phone calls and e-mails, challenge empty headiness, bury the newspapers under reason. Don't laugh at them anymore, tell them what you think, no more laughing at them they are serious, so you must be also. Their game needs to be challenged. So go for it...

Monday, March 15, 2010

We the People Have Spoken and Been Ignored

Yes, I believe as a People we have spoken. Do you know what a society is that doesn't listen to its people? A country where the People are ignored and subjected to our Representatives utter contempt and derision.

Remember the comments, They're AstroTurf, they misunderstand the good things we are doing, they're misleading you, America. For 14 months we as a people have overwhelmingly opposed their 2,000 page plus health care bill. How did our Public Servants become the corrupt and out of control politicians we see battering our Constitution, pushing legislation down our throats today?

I think because today's politicians see themselves as above of us and not one of us anymore. Today's politicians are angry. They seem angry with each other, angry at the opposition party, angry when they hear a different opinion but most of all they are angry at the American people.

What has happened to blind and bury fairness in Washington? Perhaps serving in Congress for over 30 or 40 years you've learned the ropes and loopholes of the job and feel you deserve to be listened to. After all three or four decades of serving in Washington. you carry too many scars from battles.

I would suggest this anger indicates they have lost touch with the people they represent in the rarefied air of our capital. We need to remind Washington who has the real power. We have the power not them. Every two years we have the opportunity to wash out the House of Representatives, every six years we can fumigate the Senate and every four years we can have a President who respects us and our Country.

You can see Americans carrying the same message as that of the 60's and 70's. The protests of the past asked the government of that time that are being asked today. Listen to us, stop what you are doing, pay attention to your constituents, play by the rules and stop reinventing them with a broader purpose than they were ever meant to have.

We the voter elected and supported your admission to the congress, you were never appointed and are not there by the genius of your leadership. The will of the people in the district you represent put you there and they can take you out.

Today's standards of political behavior include protecting the Constitution, to cause no harm has been abused. Your leadership looks us in the eye and tells us, "But why are you questioning us. This is the way things have always been done... I'm sorry if a Senator didn't get his price tag in before we voted for this piece of legislation."

If so I say thank God we are finally seeing the corruption.

Are you listening Tea Party advocates, pin a tea bag to your shirt. A silent protest that perhaps has the potential of growing. Also when the Primaries begin I will vote against the current office holder and I urge others to do the same.

The Progressives of today are the radical Liberals of yesterday. Under the stirring label of Progressive, everything serves the cause. Any action that favors their goal, despite massive opposition is O.K.

I think not. Our major leaders are trying to tell us that back room deals are O.K. However in our heart of hearts we know they are wrong. Deals, money, buildings, highways or bridges bearing your name are wrong and simply plays to your ego's.

Isn't it funny, they think they know best that we need health care reform. Look at all the other programs the Government has managed so well. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Veterans Administration, the Post Office, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac these are all well run and fiscally responsible under Federal Governance aren't they?

Has General Motors become the outstanding company it once was now that the Government has a say in its operations? Has this administration managed the economy so well that they have provided jobs to over seven million unemployed workers who lost their jobs after January 20th of last year.

No, No, No, No, No and No. Our Government has abandoned the American People and our economy to run after another entitlement to mismanage, like the ones I've listed above.
How can they collect payroll taxes when so many are unemployed, how will Income Taxes be collected from people who are not working. How can businesses rise and prosper when they know they are the target of the Government? Why should banks lend money when people are losing jobs and have had their hours cut back making it impossible to repay their loans?

We are not being heard, we want jobs, an America restored to its rightful place in the world. A proud country, an industrious country, a melting pot and haven for people who live under truly repressive countries, a place where it seems even we are moving towards.

The days of heaping scorn have to end.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can We Help?

I have never felt I've had to really listen when someone on the radio or in Government tells us something. But last night I heard on Cable FOX news that some school board, in North Carolina, is advocating a radical change to their 9th grade history books. They want to rid their books and teaching plans of Early American History, They want to focus on American History after 1877.

Apparently this means students will not have to study the history of our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights or why America stood up against the King of England,their onerous taxes placed on Americas without representation and a Parliament that would not listen to us. They will not learn what we as a people did in the early years that makes us unique from other societies of the time.

Today on Glenn Beck I heard that on, Organizing for America, a new Children's Outreach Program is being touted by the White House. Apparently the web site's audio instructs children to become involved so they can help parents understand what the government is doing. Hm mm. Shades of European History. Check it out.

You might think that all I do is follow politics now. But I don't. Sure I listen to conservative radio and television news because I have found, more often than not, they give a back story to the news. A back story which explains the why? and the what? of things that are happening today.

I am also concerned that 15,000,000 people are unemployed. I am worried that Trillions of dollars are scheduled to be spent by a government that seems to look at the dollar as monopoly money. I am worried that there are people in high places who don't like us or who may not have our best interests at heart.

I am worried that those who have been elected and those Department Heads confirmed to protect us are intentionally kept out of the terrorist arrest loops. I also worry about who we are becoming as a people. I worry about our government emphasizing distinct American populations. Rich vs poor, pitting one against the other.

I've spoken of my past life as a Community Developer. I specialized in Minority Communities. In my experience most Community Organizers work closely with focus groups. Community Organizers provide on site leadership to ensure that progress on an issue is maintained. They do not stand outside of the group and wait for information to be collected. They do not wait for focus group information to be channeled to them.

It appears the intent of government focus groups is to collected information intended to help those sponsoring them to identify areas for implementation of future legislation, policy or policy change.

We the People should know more about these groups, than we do. Their work affects us all, i.e. in all probability we will have to abide by the result of the decisions originating from the work of these groups. Therefore, our elected officials need to know who their group leaders are.

They need to know their education, background, ideology, their experience with group work, and what written Policies and Procedures govern their work. What oversight is provided and by whom.

Policies and procedures seem like a little thing but they are important because they formalize what the facilitator and the focus group can and cannot do. Such as how much hidden agenda can the facilitator use in leading the groups during their discussions.

What problem statements and objectives are identified and by whom prior to the time of the group meeting. I see a need for Congress to have access to these people, particularly at the management level. Those seen should include those who identify participants of the focus group. We should also know the background of the selected participants.

The work of the group should be in the open. Management and facilitators need to ensure that bias does not interfere with what should be a place of free expression and exploration rather than a place to endorse a particular agenda or to support one stream of thought alone.

It is also important to memorialize these meetings by written records so that an abridged source of expressed positions can be identified. Focus Groups can be a good thing if used properly but they should not be the only source of information. Data collection is important as is leadership.

It appears that White House's, forty or so advisers, have not been confirmed by our elected representatives in Congress. This in spite of the fact that they weigh heavily on the public purse, make decisions that affect the American People, and work on projects without congressional oversight.

Oversight that Cabinet Secretaries are required to meet. It seems an awful lot of people are in the picture when the president meets in the cabinet room. Who are these people? Why haven't they been required by the congress to appear before them. If they wanted to the congress has the power to ensure they appear.

Congress and the people need to know what standards these people work under? Who pays them? How are they paid? On what budgets do they appear? If money is transferred from one budget to another to fund them and their activities; whose budget loses money, and what had to be given up to support them?

I have listened to video and audio tapes made by several of these people. I have seen them and heard their words and I believe in several instances, they should be questioned by Congress before they are free to advise our President.

I have been asked to balance my statements. I do not see my positions as a negative but rather I see them as a positive. This has been a terrible year for the American people. Events are progressing rapidly and the American people need to join the conversation, not to throw roadblocks at the Government but to reach out any way we can to ensure that America remains America.

I truly believe that our Government needs help, many of our legislators have served way too long. There are those who appear angry and/or out of touch with us and need to reconnect with the People.

I also believe that like you, I pray for our Nation every night. I pray that our Nation will be safe and secure, prosperous and that we as a people be kind to each other. I pray that we continue to be a bright light, a beacon of Right and Justice for the rest of the world. I don't think that is too much to pray for. Do you?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Will They Honor Us?

We'll see this Tuesday if Illinois follows Massachusetts and sends another rather powerful message to Washington. This time from the people in Illinois. Senator Scott Brown's win sent me running into the other room cheering. That win sent a message to congress that the liberal opposition party should not ignore. In this election we have told Washington, we are still here and we're watching..

The elections over the past few weeks, Virginia and Pennsylvania, have been a slap across the face to the liberal dominant opposition party in Congress. For months these elected Democratic Senators and Representatives have screamed that we voters, are bigoted, fascists, misinformed, far right extremists. We have been characterized as gun totting, bible thumping, beer drinking conservative extremists. Speaker p:) even went so far as to say not only are we racists. Hinting that we could, perhaps be capable of crimes such as the murder of the Mayor of San Francisco. Shame, shame!

I am tired of hearing this Legislator has served 30 years 4o years in the Congress. We have elected incumbents for generations on the floor of the Congress. So long in fact I believe we continue to place people in the congress who are no longer in touch with the American people. I don't think Congress was ever meant to be a life long career.

Many of those in leadership positions, including Committee Chairs began their legislative careers in the sixties and seventies. What affected and shaped their world view then no longer applies. That period was a time of social unrest, antiwar, anti Vietnam. Our leaders today came out of that era. That is why they have no qualms and encourage the United States to abandon Iraq and Afghanistan and perhaps Israel. After all they abandoned the Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians to their fate.

How do I know this? Because I shared many of their ideals then. I marched for Women's rights, gay rights, the end of oppression, the end of war. We challenged the establishment. The 60's and 70's were a time of free love, marijuana and Woodstock. A time of youthful rebellion from which many of our legislators have refused to move beyond. In spirit they have refused to progress.

They are the same activists now as then, many push forward the very same causes they celebrated then. However, today there are differences. This is a different America. An America that relies on instant communication, an America that is dependent on the productivity of our people. An America that rewards those who pursue excellence today. An American that is a beacon to many and a Devil to others.

I have never felt so deeply about anything as I do today. It is my belief that we live in a time of great danger. Politicians make fun of us they ignore our anger, they make backroom deals they don't read legislation before it hits the floor.

The last item is interesting because in the past when some odious piece of legislation was discovered after a bill had passed. We were told they had "missed it," "did not see that," "someone must have slipped it in when they weren't looking," etc. How much legislation has Congress passed that no one took the time to read.

Possibly everything. Well now it seems the truth is out they don't read the bills that are to govern us. Their assistants apparently do and tell them what a bill is about. Excuse me did we send their assistants to the Hill to represent us. No!

It also seems that several elected and many unelected people in Washington harbor deep seated resentments against our Constitution and our very way of life.

We have a 17% actual unemployment rate, translated that means roughly 4,000,000 people are not working and our congress and the Democrats in Washington have frittered away the last 12 months behind doors and in corridors to nationalize health care. A lousy idea.

How dare Congress waste time for last 12 months on a give away, a soft program, something nobody wants. They should have focused on jobs, the economy and help for those 0f us who have to pay bills without a salary from which to pay them.

I am positive consumers and creditors are tired of hearing "I can not pay." All my life I have worked and now in the twilight years I have to worry about Congress saying "We have to give him (The President) something for the State of the Union." Good God. Well they didn't. All they gave were ink filled Time Cards showing massive hours of waste on health care, time thrown away on an unpopular piece of legislation.

I believe this monstrosity of back room deals needs to be killed and not restarted until our banks are safe, wall street is making money, our homes have regained their equity, our dollar is sound, we have an unemployment rate of 5.6% and the Terrorists have been defeated or marginalized.

I love my Country, I love the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the very History of America and the American People. I wonder what the history books will say about us in another 40 or 50 years. I wonder will they think kindly of us, will they honor what we have done.