Friday, December 17, 2010

Really, You Give and Then I Give. Nonsense!

Bi-Partisanship, isn't it interesting that one would call for this when those who have controlled the dialogue for the past two years have at last been weakened so badly they are begging for the unity they refused to offer when they were in the majority.  Of course they are asking for this to keep themselves viable.  If we don't agree to their demands and forget and forgive their vile behavior over the past two years they will wander in their private/public desert of anger and contempt.

I say call them out, let them understand that "Elections Have Consequences!" as they have so consistently informed the Republican Party and the American People on numerous occasions. The Progressives, Moderates and Liberals, perhaps of both parties will scream to the Washington Post and the New York Times that those Conservatives on the Hill, who hold true to the concept of a strong America are "Hostage takers," "barriers to saving the common man or villains who wish to protect "Millionaires and Billionaires" at the expense of the American People by a political party that excels in deceit and subterfuge...i.e the Senator from Hawaii who developed the Omnibus Budget recently removed from the floor.

These vocal advocates of the leveling of society can only blame their loss of leadership, in both houses on the result of their insincerity, and the accumulation of their empty, angry, insulting words spoken, so we could hear them words that doomed them and meant nothing but wind blowing from an empty mouth.

We've lived for two years and our trust in those we elect to Congress has been weakened.  It seems to me we have lost a sense of us.  It seems that during the years of prosperity the American people became blind to the machinations of the Progressive and Moderate elements of Government. We focused on our insular lives rather than the state that gave us prosperity.

These elected guardians of America and it's people have grown rich and fat at our expense and our neglect of oversight made us enablers.  But now we are watching.  We've been damaged by the Democrats, our fortunes have evaporated under their watch.  While it seems to me the fat cats in government have suffered no financial losses.  Shame on them and shame on us for not watching!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Elephant is in the Room!

Isn't it interesting that a new 1,900 page budget for the Federal Government appeared under The Wicked Witch of the West, AKA Harry Reid of Nevada's, last toot in the finish line of his diminished leadership.  That is if you can accept he isn't working against the American People's desire for restraint in the budget process.  And believe he isn't seeking revenge.

Harry distributed over 1,900 pages of budget detail just when his Senate leadership has been eroded and the Liberals in the Senate have been rebuked and thrown to the curb in hopes of fiscal restraint.  Surely the Majority Leader Harry Reid should be tinted green, a la 'Over the Rainbow,' he should hope the House with the elephant in the room will save him from the fire of public opinion by rejecting this budget and they will oppose him until January 4, 2011 by continuing to put road blocks towards his other unacceptable ideas from becoming the law of the land. Only in that way can he be viable again, if ever.

I don't know about you but I think that perhaps the elephants in the House and the Senate need to stampede. They need to push a few Progressive and Liberal members of the Congress aside and stop them from taking their last gasp of air, legislatively speaking.  The Elephants should immediately put to an end the kamakazie spending these fools have occurred during the past two years.

Harry Reid, I believe is not a satisfactory nor stable leader.  If he stood in front of me I would ask him, "Why, when you are in a position of leadership you don't recognize that after the tumult of the elections, American's don't want what you are trying to push through the Senate and yet you continue on the same destructive path?" 

I think he refuses to believe that we, the American people have spoken through our electoral process.  He refuses to accept we have said to him and those people in Congress that we don't want last minute legislation or a dream list of initiatives passed without debate or even without enough time to read the proposed legislation.  I am tired of hearing about spur of the moment legislation, aren't you?

Now America, watch the Republican Legislators, on which side are they going to fall?  Is it on the side of less spending or on the side of business as usual.  At this point, only the Elephants know for sure.

I would not be adverse to making the Minority Party in the House silent.  I do believe in the old Biblical Laws of an "Eye for an Eye"...perhaps in November 2012, the Democrat Party will have then learned some humility.  God knows I believe they need it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

OMG! Is it True, is Clinton our New Spokesperson?

Today I saw our President appear on camera with the red faced President Clinton...Sad isn't it that a man we elected, needs to rely on another person from the past to express his position?  Why did our current President, Obama, approach Clinton and ask him to participate in a White House news conference?  Obama looked bored and bemused during the briefing today meant to maintain a tax that would have expired in January?

Why couldn't our current President lead us himself.  Is he so powerless he couldn't silence the Democratic outburst himself.  I have heard as an additional National insult that P didn't allow those who'd been defeated in November's election to participate with the remaining Leftists in her Caucus.  Perhaps I'm wrong.  You know during Clinton's election we were told we would get two.  How true today we saw an Ideologue standing beside a camera hog.

They said he (Clinton) spoke for 30 minutes; How nice!  But did he really say anything?  I don't know because the press was so pleased to have him en camera they didn't pass on the content of his speech.

Ah!  Poor Ms. Clinton.  She poor dear, wanders about the world on diplomatic travels...We see her on the scrolling lines at the bottom of the news or films that are fillers showing her walking off an airplane, or shaking hands, or perhaps sitting on flocked fabrics.

Do you wonder like I do that there never seems to be any positive outcome from her visits in the trouble spots of the World.  It seems to me there is never anything successful, or substantive outcomes identified in news reports describing the World changes from all of the meetings she attends.  I wonder if all the gasoline she distributes is worth the cost.

I would like to weigh in on Wiki links and their expose, perhaps they are good, maybe they will shake up our media to see that expose is still the thing the American people are hidden from.  His journalism perhaps makes him a contemporary of the reporters of Water Gate?   Why does today's media hide all of the lies and corruption we see and perhaps they can too?  Do they hope that what is hidden will never be exposed to the open air.

Perhaps we should not accept the common behavior of our intelligentsia, our diplomats, as seen in the recent distribution of painful information.  I hate hearing the contents from the White Papers of our professional representatives containing such crude language describing our allies and friends, even of those whom we wish to win over.  I thought White Papers were sacred.  What has happened?.  Our National voice around the world appears to be course.  Understand that negative descriptions of our diplomatic contemporaries is vulgar and has no place in the congress of Ladies and Gentlemen in the diplomatic circle.

The dumps simply add to the worry I have about the future...especially with these idiots in charge...don't you?

The Pencil Pusher: OMG! Is it True, is Clinton our New Spokesperson?

The Pencil Pusher: OMG! Is it True, is Clinton our New Spokesperson?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Forget Bipartenaship

Today was a horrible day, not because of the new jobless rates(of course that should be enough.)  I saw our President in a leather jacket in Afghanistan and I thought he didn't look well.  His doctors need to pay more attention to the strain he is under.

I saw the other night on the news that the President met with the leaders of the new House and a marginalized Senate.  Usually he sits at the head of the table, with a plaque on the wall over his head, but for this one he sat in the middle of the table to show, body language wise, collegiality.  What a Rube.

Poor Beinor and McConnell they were placed at his left positioned at the outer fringe of the table.  He didn't have to look at them.  I saw this and wondered why Beinor and McConnell weren't positioned opposite him to indicate a discussion, or why there was so much space between Pelosi the President, Reid and the opposition party as the President loves to call us.  Unfortunately I know why he did this.  He hoped to show the new majority in the House and the fortified senate how he could marginalized the outcome of the elections, a visual concession to pacify the uber Left.

Having been in meetings that were contentious I recognized the symbols and actions for intimidation.  It is called jockeying, who has more muscle, even if you only weigh eighty pounds  a person can still visually or aurally triumph.

I can say only this, don't be misled the Democrats vindictive and nonsensical excuses.  They have lost the confidence of the American people.   Simply because we have triumphed in the elections doesn't mean we will be successful.  Pelosi and those who worship her hold no love for us they are bonded to their progressive agenda and there is no compromise with them. 

For the next few years this is a fight that we have to have and we should take no prisoners in the Halls of Congress.