Monday, February 21, 2011

The Birth of a Kaliphate and Hezbollah in Mexico

Strange I sat in front of the television set watching a thing about tigers killing people in India and then I had a thought.  In my minds eye I saw a map of the countries in the middle east undergoing what is said to be students protesting for Democratic reform.

I was horrified to see the countries in rebellion surrounded the Mediterranean.  You've seen it, Lybia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria.  This widespread revolt is unusual and extremely dangerous for us.  Our 5th fleet sits in Bahrain, another trouble spot.  Jordan, Yemen and Bahrain are trying to negotiate with those who wish them gone, they will soon be on an airplanes and out of their respective countries.  Iran has asked for and been given passage through the Suez Canal, something Egypt's last President refused the Iranians.   

Currently, the media is saying, Syria will host the Iranian warships and the Iranian 'students,' on board.  Our Prsident has said that he supports the students, why because he's a Professor.  Has he never worked during his Community Development days and been co-opted. by those who had no regard for truth and only wanted to take their share of money away from him.. 

The bad thing is that people who strive for good are often blinded by their own progressive and well meaning blinders.  These passives don't think there are others who want to hurt them to take support away from them, to deny or stop what may be well meaning projects they are calling for.  I don't mean conservatives! 

This is a terrible thing to say but I think if Obama wants to be reelected, which he does.  He should repair his viability and remove the socialist, fascists and 'Yes' men and women from his circle of advisers,  His advisers have made him late in delivering messages, timid in the words he uses to confront dictators and killers.  His timidity has made other political leaders appear to discount him.  His inaction and false starts place doubts about our commitment to our friends around the world.

God knows we will need them if the Middle east erupts and attempts to form a Kaliphate.  Many of those in rebellion want a secular government not a Theocracy and Shirea law.  We need to protect the only true democratic government in the region, Israel my beautiful Israel.  The Israelis should worry and perhaps move to protect themselves on their own. 

After all there are treaties between out two countries that call for us to defend out friend and we would be honor bound to help them.  Meanwhile Israel wonders if she too will be left alone to confront the 'students' from other countries without massive help from us. 

This week the US vetoed a resolution in the UN about building apartments in Jerusalem, our Ambassodor is weak and apparently toothless.  She should have never let the proposal to censure get that far.  The UN has never lived up to its purpose.  However, it has made many people rich from graft and corruption.  Its ineffectual leadership has disappointed the its total inability to do anything useful except spend money.  Now they want to rebuild because its an old asbestos ridden building. 

Lets give them money to rebuild in the Netherlands, Russia, Syria or anywhere else in the world, just get them out of New York.  Sell the UN's current property to trump and add those funds to help them rebuild elsewhere.

(A side note) Homeland security has done such a good job that I hear Hezbollah is in Mexico.  I been hearing but couldn't understand why decapitation had suddenly became the rage.  This is a technique of Radical Islam.  Separate the body from it's head and the person killed will never rest under the eyes of God.

How has Hezbollah connected with the money rich Cartels in Mexico while we stood by.  Homeland Security Secretary Nepalitano is a joke.  She dead pans the cameras and speaks in circles.  Enough make her protect us and root out the Radicals in Mexico, seal our border against the drug, religious and political radicals who want to and have killed Americans. 

Mr president you and yours are not serving the American people very well.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Egypt the Cauldron of the Beginning

Tonight I saw a new attempt by Secretary of State Mrs William Clinton explain our Country's position.  As usual our Secretary of state appeared under a different persona.  It was a new image.  One I've not seen before.  She seemed to be unwashed, dirty haired with a 25 million dollar fund to destabilize the world.  I hope people don't forget that our current President touted the Internet, he called it the invisible string that binds messages and opinions.  A wonderful tool that joined and galvanized the youth of today in a world of instant communication. 

I worry that this Administration has used instant messaging, did our officials tapped keys that helped the Middle East explode.  I worry because I think we have may have ignited turmoil without any idea how to control it.

I felt it was ominous when Hillary announced 25 million dollars in grant funds were made available from the State Department budget.  The purpose of which was to affect world opinion using the internet.  For those who may wish to apply for these monies, remember to include words that praise Obama.  For American, 25 million dollars in a time of collapse is nothing.  Never the less, who knew there was that much money waiting to be spent on anarchy, money the Democratic Congress targeted to a range of subversive activities.

No surprise I am not a creature of Madame Secretary Clinton.  I find her tiresome and believe she is a woman who has yet to discover herself.  She cannot play upon the world stage any more than Clapper can.  He for his ignorance and she because she has not unified the many particles of her being in her quest.  The things they share in common are ignorance and perhaps that they are willing Zombies to the party line...

I would like to know if the insurrection in the entire Middle East was truly an outburst of students, i.e young people or was it a guided insurrection from the man whose father wanted change in Rhodesia.  We will never know because all is hidden until someone looks into the shadows.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt's Strong People and Desendents of History

Today I congratulate those who stood against totalitarianism in Egypt.  Thirty years is too long to live under the eye of one person.  Life stagnates when a rule exists for so long.  Abuses can happen when the one who rules becomes jaded, or forgets the power comes from the citizens who have turned their power over to those who represent us.

Here in the U.S. and around the world we gather every few years and give control to people on a sheet of paper.  In the past a citizen would toss in the color of a stone hoping that those we elect will give us a benign governance.  And that those we select recognize that control comes from the people.  Egypt today is in such a situation.  We in the West pray that the people of Egypt will move to this open opportunity to reach their next level of Democracy and not revert to the traditions of the sixteenth century.

Egypt is ancient and has been envied by us, the Roman world, the Greeks and others who wished to conquer them and live by your ancient standards.  Stand free, look to your future leaders, know and understand exactly who they are.  Don't presume that there are not those who wish to control you.  People who are ready to walk upon the world stage with their heads held high and then stomp on you.  Ask them and judge by reputation, commitment to freedom by word and example.  In this way you will see through those who should not be on the national stage

Do not allow yourselves to be submerged by the Mullahs.  A caliphate carries horrors, look to your history.  True they are your religious leaders but has the Western World asked the Pope to lead Christians beyond the precincts of Rome.  Let Religious leaders guide the faithful, teach the route to heaven from Mecca and Medina or other religious sites.  Messengers should not control the business of capitals of soverign states.  They are the interpreters of God's word and passions, carriers of the Word to help you reach heaven.  They are not there to obtain sectarian success.

I have heard several Egyptians on television tonight and they softened my heart, I too felt their hurt and the misery they've lived under.  I apologize for not knowing their pain and wish them a bright future in a world of freedom from all those who would wish to confine a people and make them suffer. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flames in the Middle East, Future Conflict

Isn't today interesting.  We thought our President disliked the English after he returned the bust of Churchill, a patriot to the English and the Greatest Generation.  Then there was the picture of Netenyahu about to leap from his chair just after the Inauguration.  Could it be that Obama dislikes the Israelis and British?  Have we had confirmation?  Yesterday, it seemed to me that our president sided with the Muslim modernity the cream of today's young Muslims.  Yet isn't this different from the political alienation of the Tea Party members who claim he is exceeding the bounds of our Constitution.  I cringed when I heard him say, "I hear you," to the Islamic world who often chant, "Death to America."   Did the speech writer includes these symbolic words uttered by our President in September, 2001?

Secretary Clinton needs to be replaced with someone who has authority, she has no real world experience, except for ordering the White House Cook to prepare dinner for international guests.  Yes she has traveled to trouble spots around the world many times over, her plane flies about touching down here and there, we see her disembark, yet have you heard reports of the outcomes, except rebellion erupting in her wake.  What discussions or successes has she really had.  I would like to know what messages Obama and Clinton are delivering to cause such strife in the world?

We will never know,  Unfortunately, our President, for the next two years will be focused on group discussions and news print covered with words set out in magic markers.  I wonder if his concept of change is to destroy this economy.  To mold the world as we know it to support "Dreams From My Father." He wants to honor his father to say his father didn't suffer in vain.  To say his son helped establish world wide the destruction of the landed as happened in Zimbabwe.

I hope he sees reason and understands that the market economy is indeed worth saving.  It is an institution of wealth to help those less fortunate.  The United States gives fortunes away around the World and despite the tyrants it will continue to do so.  We are a fortunate people willing to share our successes and beliefs in hopes of a brighter future.

Our President, by his words, I feel, has caused chaos in the Middle East.  Beginning with his first Cairo Speech, I am afraid we will lose Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Algiers, Morocco, and Lebanon even Saudi Arabia's king and family will be replaced by another family.  The ones who were the ancient guardians of Mecca and Medina and left in the dust after World War I.

Perhaps my next post will be more upbeat, I hope so.