Monday, April 6, 2009

Senior Moments and Fire Ants

I've had an interesting weekend. I visited with my sister om Sunday. She returns to North Carolina on Tuesday. They've bought a place in Lady Lake so I know they will be down more often.

I planted my Pineapple plants on Saturday night. My feet and hands are covered with fire ant bites. It seems they like Pineapples too. That and I stood on top of their nest to dig the hole for the plants. My feet and toes swelled up. nasty creatures.

Have been working on the butcher. He has run over a courier on a bicycle by accident. The courier had discovered one of his victims earlier so he is coming full circle. I was given a great book on forensics by a good friend. Postmortem, Establishing the Cause of Death by Dr. Steven Koehler and Dr. Cyril Wecht. The pictures make you dizzy but the narrative spells out step by step the process of identification and who is involved at what stage. Very interesting.

I've finished reading Hannibel Rising and am now reading Whiteout by Ken Follett. Hannibel was rather gruesome but not as graphic as the films. Whiteout seemed somewhat familiar when I started and sure enough half way through I came across a line that confirmed my suspicions. I have read it is a problem when you have extended senior momenst but even those moments don't stay with me for very long.

Well I'm off to soak my feet. I'll be back later.


Donnie said...

Hope your ant bites are better. I'm going to join the libraries Book & a Movie club with my friend Deanna when we get home. I'll let you know how it works out. Love your writing.

Laura said...

Poor Bob! Hope your feet feel better and that those nasty ants don't get your fruit.

Terri Tiffany said...

Glad your sister bought a place down here! And pinapple plants? didn't know they grew here!

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

I hate fire ants!!! Sorry your feet got so bitten up! Tried Epsom salt soak? Sounds like you need steel toe boots and metal sox for next planting excursion!